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The current version of The Powder Toy contains 13 categories of elements.

Walls Walls

Conductive Wall Conductive Wall

E-Wall E-Wall

Detector Detector

Streamline Streamline

Fan Fan

Liquid Wall Liquid Wall

Absorb Wall Absorb Wall

Wall Wall

Air Wall Air Wall

Powder Wall Powder Wall

Conductor Conductor

E-Hole E-Hole

Gas Wall Gas Wall

Gravity Wall Gravity Wall

Energy Wall Energy Wall

AirBlock Wall AirBlock Wall

Electronics Electronics

DRAY.png Duplicator Ray

TUNG.png Tungsten

CRAY.png Particle Ray Emitter

WWLD.png WireWorld Wires

MERC.png Mercury

EMP.png Electromagnetic Pulse

ARAY.png Ray Emitter

WIFI.png Wi-Fi

INST.png Instant Wire

TESC.png Tesla Coil

INWR.png Insulated Wire

SWCH.png Switch

BTRY.png Battery

ETRD.png Electrode

PTCT.png Positive Temperature Coefficient Thermistor

NTCT.png Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor

INSL.png Insulator

NSCN.png N-Type Silicon

PSCN.png P-Type Silicon

SPRK.png Spark

METL.png Metal

Sensors Sensors

INVS.png Invisible

DTEC.png Detector

TSNS.png Temperature Sensor

PSNS.png Pressure Sensor

Force Force

PIPE.png Pipe

ACEL.png Accelerator

DCEL.png Decelerator

FRAY.png Force Emitter

RPEL.png Repel

DMG.png Damage

PSTN.png Piston

FRME.png Frame

Explosives Explosives

FIRE.png Fire

GUN.png Gunpowder

NITR.png Nitroglycerine

C-4.png C-4

RBDM.png Rubidium

LRBD.png Liquid Rubidium

THDR.png Lightning

THRM.png Thermite

CFLM.png Cold Flame

FIRW.png Fireworks

LIGH.png Lightning

DEST.png More Destructive Bomb

FWRK.png Old Fireworks

BOMB.png Bomb

C-5.png Cold Explosive

TNT.png Trinitrotoluene (TNT)

IGNC.png Ignition Cord

GBMB.png Gravity Bomb

Gases Gases

GAS.png Gas

WTRV.png Steam

PLSM.png Plasma

NBLE.png Noble Gas

SMKE.png Smoke

OXYG.png Oxygen

CO2.png Carbon Dioxide

CAUS.png Caustic Gas

FOG.png Fog

BOYL.png Variable Pressure Gas

HYGN.png Hydrogen

Liquids Liquids

WATR.png Water

OIL.png Oil

LAVA.png Lava

ACID.png Acid

DSTW.png Distilled Water

SLTW.png Saltwater

MWAX.png Melted Wax

LN2.png Liquid Nitrogen

DESL.png Diesel

LOXY.png Liquid Oxygen

GLOW.png Glow

BUBW.png Carbonated Water

BIZR.png Bizarre

PSTE.png Paste

GEL.png Gel

SOAP.png Soap

VIRS.png Virus

Powders Powders

DUST.png Dust

STNE.png Stone

SNOW.png Snow

CNCT.png Concrete

SALT.png Salt

BRMT.png Broken Metal

SAND.png Sand

BGLA.png Bagels

YEST.png Yeast

FSEP.png Fuse Powder

BCOL.png Broken Coal

FRZZ.png Freeze Powder

GRAV.png Very Light Dust

ANAR.png Anti-Air

PQRT.png Powdered Quartz

BREL.png Broken Electronics

CLST.png Clay Dust

Solids Solids

GOO.png Goo

ICE.png Ice

WOOD.png Wood

PLNT.png Plant

BMTL.png Breakable Metal

WAX.png Wax

GLAS.png Glass

NICE.png Nitrogen Ice

COAL.png Coal

BRCK.png Brick

FUSE.png Fuse

IRON.png Iron

DRIC.png Dry Ice

SPNG.png Sponge

RIME.png Rime

VINE.png Vine

SHLD.png Shield

FILT.png Filter

QRTZ.png Quartz

TTAN.png Titanium

GOLD.png Gold

Radioactive Radioactive

NEUT Neutron

PLUT Plutonium

PHOT Photon

URAN Uranium

AMTR Antimatter

DEUT Deuterium Oxide


ISOZ Isotope-Z

ISZS Solid Isotope-Z

SING Singularity

ELEC Electron

EXOT Exotic Matter

VIBR Vibranium

BVBR Broken Vibranium

PROT Proton

GRVT Graviton

Special Special

NONE Empty space

CLNE Clone


DMND Diamond

VACU Vacuum

VENT Air Vent

STKM Stickman

CONV Converter

BCLN Breakable Clone

PRTI Portal In

PRTO Portal Out

STK2 Second Stickman


BHOL.png Black Hole

WHOL.png White Hole

FIGH.png Fighter

Search Hidden Elements

DYST Dead Yeast

MORT Steam Train


FRZW Freeze Water

BIZG Bizarre Gas

BIZS Bizarre Solid

PSTS Paste Solid

EQVE Equal Velocity

SHD2 Shield Level 2

SHD3 Shield Level 3

SHD4 Shield Level 4


BRAY Ray Point

EMBR Sparks

SPWN2 2nd Stickman Spawnpoint

SPWN Stickman Spawnpoint

VRSS Virus Solid

VRSG Virus Gas