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SHLD.png Shield
Section Solids
Spawn temperature 22°C
Heat Conductivity 0%
Relative weight 100
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0.1%
Flammability 0
State Solid
Misc properties
Source code

Meant to be used as protection for circuits and often used in bunkers. SHLD does not conduct heat. SPRK makes it grow, and it is destroyed by excessive pressure.

When SHLD is sparked, it will spread to all empty spaces surrounding that spark. It will also increase in level (SHLD->SHD2->SHD3->SHD4) All types except SHLD will fill surrounding empty spaces with the level below. For example, SHD3 will surround itself with SHD2.

How to use, with pictures

In order to use it, you only need to have a pixel of SHLD touching any kind of metal while sparked, and the shield will spread across the wire with the spark, growing more the longer the spark goes.


The higher pressure goes, the deeper layers of shield disappear.


Nuclear explosions will essentially destroy shield, but generally not all at once due to the way pressure works. You'll have to mess with it.

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