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CAUS.png Caustic Gas
Acts like ACID.
Section Gases
Spawn temperature 22°C
Heat Conductivity 28%
Relative weight 1
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0%
Flammability 0
State Gas
Misc properties
Harmful to STKM
Source code

Caustic gas, acts like acid. It will eat any particle ACID will. It creates heat while destroying particles. It doesn't trigger explosives unless the heat created by the reaction activates or ignites said explosive. Unlike ACID, however, CAUS does not burn, therefore it will continue dissolving particles until its life reaches 50, whereupon it will vanish from existence. When it's spawned, it has a life of 75 and that will decrease by 1 for every particle it absorbes.


Caustic Gas can be created by the brush or by cloning, as usual.

In addition to that, when Acid comes into contact with Water Vapor (WTRV), there is a 0.4% chance of Caustic Gas being created. Caustic Gas created in this way is formed at 22°C, causing any additional heat energy of the Acid to be lost.


  • CAUS.png + GAS.png + > 3 Pressure -> RFGL.png -> RFRG.png


Caus+gas.png Caustic gas reacting with gas, forming RFGL.png, which becomes RFRG.png if you reduce the pressure.


It's a green gas like ACID, and one pixel of CAUS can only dissolve 25 pixels of things.

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