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CLST.png Clay dust
Section Powders
Spawn temperature 22°C
Heat Conductivity 28%
Relative weight 55
Gravity 0.2
Acid dissolve rate 0.2%
Flammability 0
State Powder
High temperature LAVA above 982.85°C
Source code

CLST produces PSTE when in contact with water. CLST particles are naturally 'sticky' and tend to cling to each other, when cold. Particles literally freeze at about -70°C (I.E. turn to a pseudo-solid state). It melts at about 984°C

Because of it's clinging abilities, CLST tends to stack on top of itself, almost like concrete.

CLST will make TNT when mixed with NITR.

Molten CLST will turn into Molten CRMC when mixed with Molten QRTZ.

CLST can be created by putting CRMC under less than -30 pressure.

The texture effect comes from the fact that the color of a CLST particle is based on its .tmp value, which is random. The same effect is used in QRTZ and PQRT.

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