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WTRV.png Steam
Produced from hot water.
Section Gases
Spawn temperature 122°C
Heat Conductivity 19.2%
Relative weight 1
Gravity -0.1
Acid dissolve rate 0.4%
Flammability 0
State Gas
Low temperature transition occurs below 97.85°C
Source code

Water vapor. Produced when water is heated above 99.86 degrees C (Salt Water must be heated further to 109.86 degrees). When Water is boiled in high volumes quickly, the steam can create very high pressure. WTRV condenses to DSTW, by pressurization or cooling. WTRV at a temp of T degrees C, experiencing P presssure, turns into DSTW, as follows: T ⩽ 97.86 + 2P , when the P is > -49.93. If the WTRV is experiencing ⩽ -49.93 Pressure, it deposits (gas >> solid without going through the liquid phase), forming RIME, which is another form of Ice in The Powder Toy. When RIME is sparked with electricity, it becomes FOG (see RIME and FOG for more information).

ACID in contact with steam will turn the steam into caustic gas.

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