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VIRS.png Virus (liquid)
Section Liquids
Spawn temperature 72°C
Heat Conductivity 100%
Relative weight 31
Gravity 0.1
Acid dissolve rate 2%
Flammability 0
State Liquid
Low temperature VRSS.png below 31.85°C
High temperature VRSG.png above 399.85°C
Misc properties
Harmful to STKM
Source code

VIRS will spread and turn almost every other element into more VIRS. Exceptions are walls, DMND, SOAP which cures it, PLSM which burns it, and energy particles like PROT / GRVT. Virus has three states which depend on temperature only: solid, VRSS, liquid VIRS and gaseous VRSG. If left alone, VIRS will die off after a while, unless it touches PROT. VIRS touching PROT will never decay, although it can still be killed/burned. VIRS is highly flammable, but only in the form of VRSG. It's much easier to burn with PLSM or LAVA than FIRE as these elements are hot enough to easily evaporate it. The cure for virus is SOAP, this will make all VIRS turn back into what it was after some amount of time passes.

Elements transformed into VIRS also die off after some time (unless PROT was used). The element ID transformed is copied into the tmp2 of the VIRS generated (the tmp2 of the original element is overridden). The ctype, life, and tmp are preserved. When the VIRS is cured using SOAP, the captured elements will be revealed according to the tmp2 of the VIRS. For example, is VIRS has a tmp2 of 17, it will produce WOOD when cured, or if it is 100, it will produce FRZZ. tmp3 and tmp4 are also used to store the properties controlling how long until VIRS dies or is cured.

VIRS is one of a few elements that have interesting effects with LOLZ and LOVE. If VIRS touches one of these, the VIRS will get 'cloned,' because the VIRS changes one pixel of LOVE/LOLZ into more VIRS, but then the LOVE/LOLZ reforms, pushing the VIRS out of the way. Eventually the VIRS will get lucky and eat up all of the LOVE/LOLZ at the same time, or the VIRS will get completely pushed out of the way and will stop being cloned.

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