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GEL.png Gel
Section Liquids
Spawn temperature 20°C
Heat Conductivity 11.6%
Relative weight 35
Gravity 0.1
Acid dissolve rate 2%
Flammability 0
State Liquid
Misc properties
Mangled by neutrons
Source code

Added in 75.0, Gel can absorb water. While absorbing water, it becomes darker and less viscous and its heat conductivity increases. If in contact with sponge, water passes from gel to sponge. When gel touches PSTE it will drain the water from the PSTE and the PSTE becomes CLST. If a gas touches the surface, then it will be randomly pulled across it and deposited somewhere else, useful in liquid/gas separation. Also appears to "stick" to gases. Another interesting reaction occurs when gel touches a solid object. It will coat the solid, even when on the bottom of the object and/or the objects sides. This can make it difficult to remove manually. The "thickness" of the "stuck" gel is inversely related to the deviation from the gravitational "down".

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