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FOG.png Fog
Section Gases
Spawn temperature -30°C
Heat Conductivity 40%
Relative weight 1
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 3%
Flammability 0
State Gas
High temperature WTRV.png above 100°C
Misc properties
Source code

FOG is made by sending an electric current through RIME.png. After 100 frames of the production of the FOG from RIME, it reverts back to RIME, or when its life value reaches zero. FOG turns into WATR.png or WTRV.png when its Temp in degrees C is ⩾ 0.00, see WATR and WTRV for more information on which one forms from FOG in a particular situation. It is a gas and it moves like anti matter. It can also be made when BOYL.png interacts with either WATR or OXYG.png.

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