• Am I allowed to make multiple accounts?
    Yes, although abusing multiple accounts for vote fraud or spam is against the rules, using multiple accounts to allow you to vote multiple times will result in a ban.
  • How do I use PIPE, LIFE, ARAY, WIFI etc... ?
    Guides for many particles have been written by members of the Powder Toy community, and can be found on the Wiki.
  • How do I use Powder Toy behind a proxy?
    You can use the Powder Toy behind a proxy by specifying it at the command line, On Windows and Linux, this is simply a case of issuing the command
    'powder-sse(2/3) proxy:{address}:{port}' where {address} is the address of the proxy and {port} is the port.
    On a Mac, this is a bit more complicated, you must open a terminal and go to the directory with Powder.app in, and issue the command
    'Powder.app/Contents/MacOS/powder-x proxy:{address}:{port}'.
    An example command would be
    'powder.exe proxy:wwwcache.school.ac.uk:3128'
  • Can I use the Powder Toy behind a passworded/authenticated proxy?
    Sorry, but the Powder Toy does not support authenticated proxies.
  • What is the Line Tool, and how do I use it?
    The line tool can be used to draw Lines of particles and is also used for adjusting fan speed and direction. To use it, one simply needs to use the draw tool while holding either shift key. When using with the fan tool, have the fan selected, and draw outward from the fan you wish to adjust.
  • How do I use floodfill/prop/another tool?
    Check the wiki or README - they have good descriptions.
  • Can I use the sample tool without a middle mouse button?
    Yes, there is an alternate to the middle click sample tool, you may use the 'Alt' key (or 'Option' key on a Mac) in junction with the left click.
  • How can I add an avatar to site?
    You should register on gravatar.com with the email you used to register on the game. Then you can add an avatar which will be automatically used on forums (and many other sites as well).
  • How can I upload something to TPT?
    First you have to register, then make your save, and then click [untitled simulation] button in the bottom of TPT.
  • When I try to login, I get a '605 - Timeout' error. How do I fix this?
    This error is very general. It means that the Powder Toy cannot communicate with the server, usually because there is no internet connection, or the port used (port 80) has been intentionally blocked by an administrator. If you're trying to use the Powder Toy from within a corporate or school network, it is likely you'll need to use a proxy. Another known cause is Firewall or internet filtering software that runs on the computer (e.g Windows Live Family Safety), if this is the case, the relevant proxy settings need to be acquired, or the software disabled.
  • I've registered on the website, but I cannot login.
    If you're told your username or password is incorrect, it may be that you registered with a username that is not compatible with the Powder Toy. To keep usernames readable, only alpha-numeric (as well as '-' and '_') characters are allowed in usernames, any other characters in your username are replaced with a hyphen ('-'). Try using your adjusted username to log in. Other common issues are: Your password may have characters that you cannot correctly enter into the Powder Toy, in which case, you should change your password on the website in your profile; You may not have typed your username or password correctly (they are case sensitive). Another rare but possible issue is that the username or password is too long to be entered in the game login screen.
  • What is TPT?
    TPT means The Powder Toy.
  • What is a FP everybody is talking about?
    FP means Front Page. It's the page which is displayed on the site and game by default.
  • How can I appear on the FP?
    If you will make a decent save, and people will vote for it, you have a chance appearing there.
  • My art save was removed from FP. Why? Is art allowed?
    Art is allowed, but we don't like art on the front page. TPT isn't a game about art, so only saves which actually _do_ something will stay on FP.
  • Where should I enter console commands? What is it?
    Console is a powerful interface to the powder toy. You can change different element properties, make your own scripts and so on.
    To open the console you should press ~ key, which is usually in the upper left corner of your keyboard.
  • How do I run scripts with console?
    Put a script in the game folder, where TPT executable is. Then open TPT, open console (~ key), and type dofile("myscript.lua") where myscript.lua is your script name.
  • Can we have movable solids?
    No. That will require too much work, because it's hard to make particle-solid collisions.
  • Will be there a 3D powder toy?
    No. 3D powder toy can be imagined as many usual TPT windows stacked in one. FPS of that "stack" will be really small.
  • Can we have cookable items/dirt/chemistry/etc?
    No. These additions mostly have no uses, but you can find a modification with these things and try them.
  • Can we have weapons/arms/more stickmen/etc?
    No. It's not a game about stickmen.
  • How can I make movable sponge?
    There is no way now, it was disabled cause it was a bug.
  • Can we have multiplayer?
    There is one. Here is a link to script: https://powdertoy.co.uk/Discussions/Thread/View.html?Thread=14352&PageNum=0
  • What is a newtonian gravity and how can I turn it on?
    It's a special mode, where all particles behave like if they were affected by realistic gravity forces. With enabled newtonian gravity, elements like black hole, white hole and gravity pump will work. Turn it on by clicking N button in the top right corner of the screen.
  • What is ambient heat?/Can we have hot and cold air?
    Ambient heat is a mode where air has temperature. It can be cooled or heated, which makes air simulation more realistic. Turn it on by clicking A button on the top right corner of the screen.
  • What is powder-legacy?
    It's a version for old CPUs. If it runs faster than other versions for you, use it.
  • What is TPT++? Does it have new elements?
    TPT was written in C, but now it's being rewritten in C++ to make development easier. TPT++ has no new elements now, also it lacks some usual features, but it will be better in general.
  • How can I translate TPT to another language?
    Well, you can translate all names and signs into your language, but it will be a problem to make TPT output your translation. First of all, you will have to draw your own charset and change some TPT code, to move icons to a new place. Maybe TPT++ will have more features for translating.
  • How can I add new elements to TPT?
    There are several ways. You can learn Lua (a scripting language used in TPT), and change some elements with scripts (check wiki).
    Another way is, read development tutorial on wiki and compile TPT yourself. Most of good modders do so.
  • How do I run modifications?
    Just download them and run. They don't need installing.
  • How can I compile TPT?
    Wiki has section "How to build"
  • How can I get my changes added to main TPT?
    You should fork TPT on GitHub (read wiki) and have all your changes there. Then you can contact Simon on IRC or GitHub and maybe he will add your changes.
  • How do I become a moderator?
    Better don't ask questions like that. Be a nice user, help others, make saves, program for TPT - and maybe Simon will notice you.
  • Who is that Simon?
    Admin and main developer of TPT.
  • What is IRC?
    IRC means Internet Relay Chat. TPT has it's own chatroom on IRC.
  • How can I get there?
    You can download an IRC client, like pidgin, and go to #powder on freenode. Or you can use freenode webchat. Read https://powdertoy.co.uk/Wiki/W/Irc_setup.html for more details.
  • I think I've found a bug or other issue with the Powder Toy, who do I tell?
    Any bugs or programming errors in the Powder Toy can be posted in the Suggestions Forum. As with any error reports, please provide as many details about the problem as possible, including the executable you're running on what operating system and what version.
  • I'm having an issue that's not mentioned on this page, can you help?
    You may post any questions that you have in the Help Forum. Please provide an in-depth description with as many details as possible.
  • Shenanigans?