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GAS.png Gas
Diffuses quickly and flammable. Liquefies into OIL under pressure.
Section Gases
Spawn temperature 24°C
Heat Conductivity 16.8%
Relative weight 1
Gravity 0
Acid dissolve rate 0.1%
Flammability 600
State Gas
High temperature FIRE.png above 299.85°C
High pressure OIL.png above 6 pressure
Misc properties
Allows neutrons to pass through
Source code


OIL.png will become GAS.png when the OIL.png's temperature is at or above 60 degrees Celsius and/or under -3 or below pressure. OIL.png and DESL.png both become GAS when hit by neutrons. When RFRG.png is hit by neutrons, it becomes CAUS.png and GAS.png.


GAS.png will turn back into OIL.png when its temperature is below 60 degrees Celsius and/or at or above +6 pressure.

GAS.png will ignite when exposed to flame inducing materials(i.e. FIRE.png, EMBR.png, or PLSM.png) or when heated to over 300 degrees Celsius.

Like other gases, GAS.png will create pressure, but not enough to turn it back into OIL.png

When touching PTNM.png at over 2 pressure and 200C, GAS.png becomes INSL.png.


GAS.png's flammable properties makes a good candidate for use in engines. Not only is it combustible, but when ignited it will generate pressure that pushes the fire further than it would if it came from something like WOOD.png or COAL.png. Unfortunately, its gaseous state makes it hard to contain. Use OIL.png or DESL.png instead. Here are a few examples of engines:

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