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GLOW.png Glow
Section Liquids
Spawn temperature 42°C
Heat Conductivity 17.6%
Relative weight 40
Gravity 0.15
Acid dissolve rate 0.2%
Flammability 0
State Liquid
Misc properties
Source code

Glows when exposed to high pressure. Changes color with temperature. When PHOT.png passes through GLOW, it will receive the same color. However, with the temperature of PHOT.png being about 900 degrees, it's fairly tough to keep GLOW at the proper temperature. Glow also multiplies the photons that come into contact with it.

GLOW changes color under many different situations:

  • Gray >> nothing
  • Blue >> moving (like METL.png)
  • Luminous red >> high temp
  • Dark green/blue >> low temp
  • Luminous green >> high pressure
  • Dark purple >> low pressure
  • Yellow >> high temp and high pressure
  • Luminous pink >> high temp and low pressure
  • Slightly darker luminous green >> low temp and high pressure
  • Dark blue >> low temp and low pressure

Makes DEUT.png when mixed to water.

Makes RSST.png when mixed with gel.

GLOW turns ELEC.png into PHOT.png. The reaction happens only when ELEC is inside the GLOW, but this can only usually happen when the GLOW is moving.

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