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LAVA.png Lava
Section Liquids
Spawn temperature 1522°C
Heat Conductivity 24%
Relative weight 45
Gravity 0.15
Acid dissolve rate 0.2%
Flammability 0
State Liquid
Low temperature transition occurs below 9725.85°C
Misc properties
Source code

Description: "Molten lava. Ignites Flammable Materials. Generated when metals and other materials melt, solidifies when cold."

Spawn temp: +1522.00 Celsius \ 1795.15 Kelvin.

Hex triplet colour: variable, but approximately #ff641a (orange) at T = +699.85 C \ 973.00 K.

Non-spawned lava is displayed as "Molten AAAA" in the HUD, with AAAA as the name of the material which has melted into lava. Even though it doesn't mention lava in the HUD, it is still lava.

Spawned lava solidifies to stone at any temperature ≤ +699.84 C \ 972.99 K.

If lava's ctype is changed (e.g. through the console) in certain ways, many bizarre forms of lava can result, such as molten stickmen, molten water, or molten fire. These phenomena are glitches.

The following materials become molten at high enough temperatures:

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