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Welcome to the Powder Toy Wiki. Read here for help or explanations on elements and the program in general.

Element Categories

Walls Menu.png Walls Electronics Menu.png Electronics Powered Materials Menu.png Powered Materials
Force Creating Menu.png Force Creating Explosives Menu.png Explosives Gasses Menu.png Gasses
Liquids Menu.png Liquids Powders Menu.png Powders Solids Menu.png Solids
Radioactive Menu.png Radioactive Special Menu.png Special Life Menu.png Life
Tools Menu.png Tools


The hud

Display modes

Compatibility mode

Using the console

Element conductivities




Usage Tutorials

Website usage tutorials

Element usage tutorials

General usage tutorials

How to Build

Win32 code setup

Code::Blocks Setup

noobtastic compiling on linux or Linux Setup

Coding With Linux Compiling For Windows Setup

OS X Setup

Please make sure you are able to compile a clean, unmodified source before attempting to make your own modifications. This will help people to help you.

Powder Toy Development Help


Variables in source

Functions in source

How To Add a Icon to Menus


Notable users

Mod collection

Previously requested elements

Syntax help

IRC Setup

Youtube channel

The Powder Toy on Facebook

Github page for latest source (may be unstable):

IRC: server:, channel: #powder, port number: 6667

Alternate language wiki pages