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Translating the wiki

Translated copies of pages should be named PageName/xx, where PageName is the name of the page and xx is the language code. A list of language codes can be found at

For example, the French translation of this page should be named Translations/fr and the German translation Translations/de.

A box of links to alternate language versions of a page can be added using {{Languages|PageName}} (this is the same for all translations, don't use {{Languages|PageName/xx}}). The English page and all translations should have this, if it isn't there already then add it at the beginning of the page.

Translating the game

NOTICE: It is pointless to translate this file, as the file as very out of date and does not include any of the new elements, and also misses a lot of stuff. An official way to translate the game may be added in the future, but for now, just wait and see if that happens. The current tpt font can't show and has no room for foreign characters

It is currently very difficult to apply translations to the game, especially for languages which use different characters to English. However, there is a text file that you can translate. It is out of date and does not contain all the text currently in the game, but it will give a starting point for translations if the developers ever get round to giving the game better support for multiple languages.

Simply download the default english.txt file and translate:

estonian.txt file

P.S Not completed(hugoRawr)

Estonian. Completed by boxmein:

dutch.txt by Qub1: [1]

- Finished (P.S.: The special characters like ü, ï and ë have been replaced by normal ones)

russian.txt by DeX | Скачать - [2]

- Специально для русских пользователей Powder Toy! (Specially for russian Powder Toy users)

chinese.txt by Byzod [3]

- Finished (But not sure if the game support Chinese, a double byte language 中文化完毕!)

German.txt by flo998 [4]

- Completed.

French.txt by COCO11: [5]

- Only the start