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Description: "These elements generally don't fit into any other category, and have special properties."

X Eraser

Description: "Erases particles."

Color: None

This is used to delete particles on the screen. It is the default action set for button 2 (right-click). To erase signs or walls, you must use the sign tool or the wall eraser respectively.


Description: "Solid. Duplicates any particles it touches."

Color: Cadmium Yellow

These particles have a special variable, ctype, for remembering what the last thing they touched was. If you draw over any clone with the brush, it will set the ctype to your currently selected element.

Photons can pass through all types of CLNE (and BCLN) particles.


Description: "Hole. Will drain away any particles"

Color: Dark red

Void deletes any particles that fall into it, similarly to to the edge of the screen. However, it cannot delete solid particles, even if they are pushed into it with piston.

One relatively unknown feature of VOID is that if you set its ctype to an element, it will only destroy that element. However, this can only be done with PROP or the console, you cannot draw over it like CLNE.

DMND Diamond

Description: "Diamond, Indestructible."

Color: White-blue

Normally can't be destroyed, even with things that destroy everything else, like BOMB. It will only be destroyed if it gets pushed off the screen, is inside a wall that absorbs solids, or is overwritten with another element by DRAY. DMND is commonly used to contain high temperature, high pressure, or other destructive elements. However, it should only be used as a last resort, because there are many, more creative ways, to contain destructive elements.

VACU Vacuum

Description: "Vacuum, sucks in other particles and heats up."

Color: Black

Vacuum acts the same as VOID, except it creates negative pressure, and also heats up as it sucks in particles.

VENT Air Vent

Description: "Air vent, creates pressure and pushes other particles away."

Color: White

Generates pressure

STKM Stickman

Description: "Stickman. Don't kill him! control with the arrow keys"

Use the left and right arrow keys to move, and up to jump. By touching the stickman's head against an element its head will change color, and then by pressing Down it'll spit out that element. Note that it you place its head against a metal, then press Down, it will spark the metal. This feature enables stickmen to use electronics, or even guns.

STKM can have rocket boots equipped when it passes through the gravity wall. Press [up] on the arrow keys to control its altitude. Press [left] or [right] to control its horizontal velocity. To brake, press [left] and [right] at the same time. To deactivate rocket boots, Let the stickman go through E-HOLE. Rocket boots fire plasma, and make the stickman temporarily immune to plasma (but not heat).

Stickman are hurt by heat above 51.85C (325K) or below -29.15C (244K). Each stickmen starts with 100hp, and as they are damaged this decreases until 0, where the stickman dies and explodes into a pile of DUST. They are also killed instantly by extreme positive pressure. STKM is hurt by many dangerous elements, some examples are: -VIRS -ACID -AMTR -URAN -PLUT -NEUT and by elements that destroy all particles: VOID, VACU, PVOD, BHOL, BOMB (only if the middle of the head is inside the blast) PLNT will restore STKM's health

Only one STKM can be on the screen at a time, and if it dies, it will reappear at the SPWN pixel. There can normally only be one pixel of SPWN on the screen at a time, and it is created when you place a STKM (the "STKM" menu item actually creates SPWN!)

CONV Converter

Description: "Solid, converts everything into the particle if first touches."

Color: Green

CONV converts all the particles that touch it into its ctype element except DMND and itself. If no ctype is currently set, it will be set to the first element that the it touches. You can also set the ctype manually by drawing over it with an element.
It's .tmp allows a specific element to be converted; if the .tmp of the CONV was BRAY then only BRAY gets converted.

BCLN Breakable Clone

Description: "Breakable Clone."

Color: Yellow

Like CLNE, but breaks when under high pressure. While "broken" it can move around while still creating more of the element, and will disappear after 1000 frames.

PRTI Portal-IN

Description: "Portal IN. Particles go in here. Also has temperature dependent channels. (same as WIFI)"

Color: Orange

PRTI absorbs falling particles like void, except the particles will come out of PRTO particles on the same temperature channel. If there are no connected PRTOs, some particles can be stored in the portal until it is full and will not accept any more.

Produces a small amount of Low Pressure to attract particles.


Description: "Portal OUT. Particles come out here. Also has temperature dependent channels. (same as WIFI)""

Color: Blue

Particles that fall into a PRTI will come out of PRTOs on the same temperature channel. If there is more than one PRTO, more particles will come out of the ones with lower #s.?

Produces a small amount of High pressure to expel particles.

STK2.png Second Stickman [STK2]

Description: "Second stickman. Don't kill him!"

Essentially the same as STKM. Press A to move left, D to move right, W to jump, and S spawn particles. When it's on the screen, you have to use CTRL + s to save, CTRL + d to activate debug mode, and Ctrl + w to switch gravity modes.

Spawned from SPWN2, the only 5 letter long element name. SPWN2 is the same as SPWN, except for STK2.


Colors: rainbow of colors

Description: "Smart particles. Travels in straight lines and avoids obstacles. Grows with time."

A programmed element that travels around the screen in 4 possible directions. It will gradually get longer the longer it exists on the screen. TRON will try to maneuver as best it can not to crash into itself or other TRON entities on the screen. It will also think cleverly to get out of classic "snake" situations. If it crashes into an element, it will cool that element significantly, but it will die.

BHOL Black Hole

Description: "Black hole. Sucks in particles using gravity (requires Newtonian Gravity)"

Color: Very dark grey

Similar to VACU, except it uses gravity instead of pressure to suck in particles.

WHOL White Hole

Description: "White hole. pushes other particles using gravity (requires Newtonian Gravity)"

Color: White

Similar to VENT, except it uses gravity instead of pressure to repel particles.

FIGH Fighter

Description: "Fighter. Tries to kill stickmen. You must first give it an element to kill him with."

Similar to stickman, except not controllable and has a different shaped head. There can also be up to 100 on the screen at a time. They will follow STKM and STK2, and try to kill them by shooting particles at them. (They must still pick up these particles with their head like stickmen though.)

There is no specific SPAWN element for FIGH, but they can be created with CLNE, etc.