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Single Hotkeys

Key Description
Delete Specific Element Erase mode (Ctrl+Alt+LMB to select element)
Insert or ; (semicolon) Replace mode (Ctrl+Alt+LMB to select element to be replaced)
TAB Circle/Square/Triangle Brush
Space Pause
Q Quit
Esc Quit
Z Zoom
S Save stamp (+ Ctrl when STK2 is out)
L Load last saved stamp
K Stamp library
C Cycle view mode
0-9 Set view mode
P Save screenshot to .png
N Toggles Newtonian Gravity.
F Pause and go to next frame
G Grid
H Show/Hide HUD
D Debug mode (+ Shift when STK2 is out)
I Invert Pressure and Velocity map
W Toggle gravity modes (+ Shift when STK2 is out)
Y Toggle air modes
U Toggle ambient heat
R Rotate counter-clockwise when stamp preview is up
~ Lua console
= Reset pressure and velocity map
[ Decrease brush size
] Increase brush size
B Edit decoration layer
E Element search
F5 Reload simulation

Key Combinations

(RMB/LMB = Right/Left mouse button)

Key Description
Ctrl + C/V/X Copy/Paste/Cut
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Y Redo
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo
Ctrl + G Toggle display of Newtonian gravity field
Ctrl + B Toggle display of decoration layer
Ctrl + Cursor drag Rectangle
Shift + Cursor drag Line
Shift + Alt + Cursor drag Line snapping in steps of 45°
MMB / Alt + RMB/LMB click Sample element
Mouse scroll / { } Change brush size
CTRL + Mouse scroll / { } Change vertical brush size
Shift + Mouse scroll / { } Change horizontal brush size
Shift + Ctrl + R Horizontal mirror for stamp (need stamp preview up)
Shift + R Vertical mirror for stamp (need stamp preview up)
Ctrl + Arrow keys Shift stamp in the direction of arrow key one pixel (no walls)
Ctrl + L alternative button + LMB Select element or element menu for Specific Element Erase from the element menu or element menu list
Ctrl + = Reset Electricity
Ctrl + Shift + LMB/RMB Fill
Ctrl + I Install Powder Toy
Ctrl + ; (semicolon) Specific Element Erase mode (Ctrl + Alt + LMB to select element)
Ctrl + F Find Specfic Element
Shift + 1 Life gradient Note: only works when in debug mode(press D)
Ctrl + E Cycle edge modes

Complete List

Material Selection

LMB Material 1 (Red)
RMB Material 2 (Blue)
MMB Material 3 (Green)
Ctrl + Alt + Click Material 4 (Cyan) - for replace mode
Alt + Click Sample
E Element Search
Ctrl + Shift + LMB Add To Favourites


Tab Brush Shape Circle / Square / Triangle
Scroll Brush Size
Ctrl + Scroll Brush Size Vertical
Shift + Scroll Brush Size Horizontal
] Increase Brush Size
[ Decrease Brush Size


Shift + Drag Line
Shift + Alt + Drag Line Snap
Ctrl + Drag Area
Ctrl + Shift + Click Fill


Ctrl + C Copy
Ctrl + V Paste
Ctrl + X Cut
Ctrl + R Rotate
Shift + R Flip Horizontal
Ctrl + Shift + R Flip Vertical
Arrow Keys Nudge


1-9, 0 Display Modes Velocity / Pressure / Persistent / Fire / Blob / Heat / Fancy / Nothing / Heat Gradient / Alternative Velocity
B Edit Decoration Layer
Ctrl + F Highlight Selected Element (Material 1)
G Grid Modes Small-Large
H Toggle HUD
Z Zoom
Z + Scroll Magnify / Reduce
Z + Click Fix Window

Modes & Functions

W (+ Shift) Gravity Modes Off / Radial / Vertical / Custom
Y Air Modes Off / No Update / On / Pressure Off / Velocity Off
Ctrl + E Edge Modes Void / Solid / Loop
 ; Replace Mode (Material 3)
Ctrl + ; Specific Delete Mode (Material 3)
D (+ Shift) Debug Mode
= Reset Pressure
Ctrl + = Reset Electricity
R Reset Life Generation
I Invert pressure and velocity

Top Right Panel

Top Right + Click [P] Sand Effect Displays color variation for materials
Ctrl + G [G] Gravity Field Displays intensity of gravity in a field
Ctrl + B [D] Draw Decorations Displays custom colors set for materials
N [N] Newtonian Gravity Allows for some materials to alter how gravity works
U [A] Ambient Heat Allows for air to also have temperature
~ [C] Show Console Command Text Box


S (+ Ctrl) Save Stamp
L Load Last Stamp
K Browse Saved Stamps


Spacebar Pause
F Step / Next frame
F5 Reload Simulation
Ctrl + Z Undo
Ctrl + Shift + Z Redo
Esc / Q Back / Quit