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Elements in the Solids menu

Click element images for more details.

  • GOO Goo. Deforms and disappears under pressure.
  • ICE Ice. Crushes under pressure. Cools down air.
  • WOOD Wood, flammable.
  • PLNT Plant, drinks water and grows.
  • BMTL Breakable metal. Common conductive building material, can melt and break under pressure.
  • WAX Wax. Melts at moderately high temperatures.
  • GLAS Glass. Meltable. Shatters under pressure, and refracts photons.
  • NICE Nitrogen Ice. Very cold, will melt into LN2 when heated only slightly.
  • COAL Coal, Burns very slowly. Gets red when hot.
  • BRCK Brick, breakable building material.
  • IRON Iron. Rusts with salt, can be used for electrolysis of WATR.
  • DRIC Dry Ice, formed when CO2 is cooled.
  • SPNG Sponge, absorbs water. Is not a moving solid.
  • RIME Solid, created when steam cools rapidly and goes through sublimation.
  • VINE Vine, can grow along WOOD.
  • SHLD Shield, spark it to grow.
  • FILT Filter for photons, changes the color.
  • QRTZ Quartz, breakable mineral. Conducts but becomes brittle at lower temperatures.
  • TTAN Titanium. Higher melting temperature than most other metals, blocks all air pressure.
  • GOLD Gold. Corrosion resistant metal, will reverse corrosion of iron.
  • CRMC Ceramic. Gets stronger under pressure.
  • HEAC Rapid heat conductor.
  • PTNM Platinum. Catalyzes certain reactions.
  • ROCK Rock. Solid material, CNCT can stack on top of it.

Other Solids, not visible in the menu

  • SPWN STKM spawn point.
  • SPWN2 STK2 spawn point.
  • VRSS Solid Virus. Turns everything it touches into virus.
  • BIZS Bizarre Solid. Melts to BIZR at low enough temperatures.