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DO NOT Add suggestions directly to this wiki page. It is the moderators/developers/administrators who look over suggestions and decide what should and should not be added. And even they will change their minds on occasion (eg. mercury, protons, virus, gold). The following suggestions generally require large changes to the code base, so they have very little chance of being added compared to a simple element with reactions.

However, if you care so much about it, do it yourself and make a mod.

Please read!

You are on the previously requested elements page. Here are suggestions that should not be suggested are placed. If you plan on making a suggestion, read the following first.

Magnets / Magnetic Fields

Magnets that would effect metallic powders (BMTL) or elements (METL, IRON, etc), similar to magnets in real life.

Rejected: Realistic magnets are difficult to implement. "Realistic" magnets means it must simulate a magnetic field with poles. It is unclear if this is doable in a simulation like Powder Toy. What is absolutely rejected is just making a copy+paste of Newtonian Gravity and making it only apply to metallic powders. This is boring and uninteresting, and will not be added to the game in this manner.


A solid heater and cooler element would affect the temperature of particles in contact with it.

Rejected: Existing elements in the game can be used to heat or cool. There are many ways to heat or cool (GoL, Powered Elements, BRAY)

Movable Solids

Solid objects stay together, and fall down due to gravity. They also rotate, and bounce off other solids.

Rejected: Very hard to code, the current engine does not support it. The best we can do has many glitches and not what people want


Allows you to glue powders together into solids.
Rejected: this is sort of like moving solids, just won't work.


Allows you to type in lua commands, or old console (!) commands, to be run when sparked

Rejected: lua commands could be dangerous and contain viruses, also read below

Property setter / property ray

Gives any element that it touches all it's properties (life, tmp, tmp2, etc.)

Rejected: Read jacksonmj's post here: . If anything, this could just be in a mod, not official. (Implemented here though)


Many people would like to see sounds, like explosion sounds, water sounds, nuke sounds, fire sounds.

Rejected This just won't happen though. The Powder Toy just isn't made in a way that would easily allow sound to work. All the particles on the screen exist at once. So sound would have to come out of everything at one time. It's hard to imagine how every sound playing at once would work. Perhaps the best that can be done is some element that plays a note sound when sparked. Entire realistic sounds for a few random reactions would not sound good though.

STKM-related ideas

STKM ideas, which involve additional STKM abilities or types of STKM. This could be anything related such as eating, health, or armor.

Rejected STKM isn't the main focus of The Powder Toy. While we've implemented them, they were not something to be further improved in the future. There's just no place in the game for them.


Transmitting and receiving emitting signals by an element.

Rejected: WIFI and ARAY serve similar functions. WIFI can be used for channel specific transmission. ARAY can be used as a general transmission method with BRAY emitting.

Elements are subject to change from time to time. Please look at this page every once and a while to see if there are any changes.