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Element pages

Each element has a separate page, named Element:AAAA.

All element pages should have an infobox which contains the element properties copied from the TPT source code (Template:Infobox Element). This infobox displays a selection of the element properties, and automatically adds the page to the correct categories.

The other information which should go on the page will depend on the element. Some examples of information that could be included are:

  • Reactions
  • How to use the element
  • Any interesting features of the element
  • Links to elements which do similar things
  • What the properties such as tmp and ctype do
  • Melting/boiling points and air pressure effects not mentioned in the infobox. Most melting/boiling and high/low pressure transitions will be automatically shown in the infobox, but some are not, and some need some extra explanation (such as LAVA, where the melting point varies according to which element was melted into LAVA).

Unnecessary duplication of information should be avoided. For example: for VRSS, all that is needed in addition to the infobox is a link to the VIRS page, since VRSS is exactly the same as VIRS except it's a solid.

Useful templates

{{temperature | t=295.15}}

Output: 22°C

"295.15" should be replaced with the temperature to display in Kelvin (Kelvin = Celsius + 273.15). This template displays the temperature in Celsius, with Fahrenheit and Kelvin shown in a tooltip.

{{Material | DUST}}

Output: DUST

Element names should usually be linked to element pages, this template is a shortcut to do that.

{{MaterialBtn | DUST}}

Output: DUST.png

Element button image which links to the element page. This should be used sparingly - preferably in short lines, and never in the middle of a paragraph. See Template:MaterialBtn for detailed guidelines and examples.

Element category pages

The Elements: pages (such as Elements:Solids and Elements:Gases) are deprecated. Once all information on them has been moved to individual element pages, the Elements: pages will be deleted.

Element categories are now Category: pages, and can be found as subcategories in Category:Elements (e.g. Category:Gases, Category:Solids).

Walls and Tools do not yet have individual pages.

Button images

Element, tool, and wall button images should show the button exactly as it appears in Powder Toy, with a 2 pixel black border. The total size including the border should be 30x18 pixels.

Example: DUST.png

All button images should be in PNG format. The filename for element button images should be the name of the element (e.g. DUST.png).


See Translations for details of how to translate the wiki.