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EXOT.png Exotic matter
Section Radioactive
Spawn temperature 20°C
Heat Conductivity 100%
Relative weight 46
Gravity 0.15
Acid dissolve rate 0.2%
Flammability 0
State Liquid
Misc properties
Allows neutrons to pass through
Source code

Exotic Matter is a strange liquid, added in Beta 80.0.

It can be created by repeatedly sparking BREL while inside of a sealed container. BREL heats up when sparked and under fairly high pressure, and at ~9000 temperature and extreme pressure, it gradually changes into EXOT when sparked.

EXOT has weight and pressure generating ability similar to both LAVA and ICE. When cooled, its glow pulses twice as fast and if it isn't irradiated with electrons, it absorbs pressure instead of emitting it, making it similar to ICE. At or above spawn temperature, it emits pressure gradually, cumulatively.

EXOT also becomes solid when cooled, but will still violently explode when irradiated with electrons due to the strength of its pressure generation increasing and overwhelming its ability to remain solid.

When bombarded with electrons, it's tmp2 value will increase and it will start glowing with all colors in hue order and generate pressure proportionate to its amount of ELEC exposure, added to the current environmental pressure at a certain rate. This means, in effect, that EXOT stops generating pressure momentarily if all pressure is neutralized locally.

If EXOT is overwhelmed with electron radiation or it's tmp2 value is raised to 6003, it will transform into superheated WARP gas with similar pressure generation code that is always at maximum temperature, meaning it functions best in a sealed container.

Exotic matter is constantly flashing, getting brighter suddenly and slowly dimming in a repeating cycle according to its tmp value, when not irradiated over 1000 of its tmp2 value. For only a few frames at the limit of its glowing pulse cycle and if it has n, it has the ability to transform into touching elements.

When EXOT is exposed to neutrons, it loses its color, but maintains its flashing. When it reaches the end of its flash cycle, it will change into whatever element it is currently touching. If it is touching a wall, it will not copy, nor will it copy radiation (electrons, photons, neutrons). EXOT can be restored to its normal, colored state from this "cloning" state by irradiating with electrons (a radius of 3 pixels around the ELEC will turn to EXOT).

If EXOT is irradiated with PROT, its ctype will change to (PROT) and its temp will decrease to -223 degrees C. Upon reaching -223 degrees Celsius it will explode into CFLM.

If EXOT is exposed to neutrons and then EMBR (the sparkly stuff from ignition cord) it will start flashing from black to grey. Overexposure to this will make it start flashing gray to pure white

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