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     You shouldn't post new element/feature suggestions here.

    You can always start a new thread, that way, your suggestion will get noticed more often than just a post on feedback thread.

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    Why is this thread called "official game feedback" then?
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    It's meant for bug reports and feedback on existing features. Some light feature requests would be fine too. It made more sense when we had regular updates, right now they are pretty sparse.

    Element suggestions should be in their own forum threads where they can get proper discussion and feedback, and be well thought-out.
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     One thing that would be great to add is a joint tool. you could select a pixel, then select another pixel, and a joint constraint would be drawn between them.

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    That is impossible in TPT's engine. TPT only simulates individual particles, and there is no way to attach them.

    Rejected element list on wiki:
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    I am not asking for moving solids, I know those are almost imposible to make with TPT's physics engine. What I am asking for is a joint tool, like the one in Dan ball's dust 2.

    If you create a dictonary of joints, then use the proper mathmatical equations to calculate where the partical goes(xposition = (1'st partical's x- 2nd partical's x)/stiffness and yposition = (1st partical's y - 2nd partical's y)/stiffness+gravity) then you may be able to create working joints.

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    It is technically moving solids.

    Also one of the problems is the game engine does particle updates from top to bottom, left to right. Whatever particle is furthest closest to the top-left is given priority to an update. Adding a joining tool would break/shortcut the update order and open all sorts of headaches. Particles surrounding said joined particle would also need to be updated to ensure the joined particle is/isn't destroyed/changed by said surrounding particles or vice versa. That would effectively require those particles' surrounding particles to be updated too. Which, again, breaks the update order

    EDIT: See jacob1's post
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    The issue is with particle movement. We want all particles to move, and not move over each other. It works right now because each particle is updated individually and sequentially, and looks for a free spot to move to. If we tried to attach particles together, we'd have to somehow validate that all particles can move at the same time, in the same direction. That would be really difficult and slow. It's not how we designed our game. What if a single particle was blocked? Should the entire contraption just not move? We could try to store some state saying this one particle is blocked, so the "stiffness" between it and others is increased because they got closer. And then try to eventually bounce the moving solid back away from the particle if that particle continues to be unable to move. This may sound easy, but it is definitely not. It goes against everything with how TPT was designed. Dan-Ball probably knew they wanted joints from the start so was able to design the data structures and physics in a way to support it. But it's not possible for TPT.

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    Particle order is somewhat related to the issue, but not the direct issue with why we can't have moving solids.
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