2011-08-23 21:32:18
Eastern US. That is UTC-5
Front page saves:

Reusable bombs: ~477820 My first save, I registered just to post this
Draw Sensor: ~1007090 Made after a similar save appeared on front page
Bug posting save: ~960847. This is the best place to ask me a question or notify me of problems. I usually check it every few days.
Bank Robbery: ~1249335 My entry for BuysDB's contest. Had a ton of failures in the beginning but works better now WARNING: runs for half an hour

Other stuff:

My mod: http://tpt.io/:11117
Best mod in all of TPT! If you haven't used it you should download it now. It actually adds features that are useful, not just elements that can easily be forgotten about. It has an in game updater, and is designed to be used as a tpt replacement (which I do). It also strives for full compatibility with tpt despite being based off the older, more stable codebase from 2012. It is updated every 1-2 months so you always get new features before they appear in tpt.
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