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  • jacob1
    17th February Developer 4 Permalink
    New thread, because even moderators are affected by post size limits.

    This thread is for posting bugs, issues in the game, or any other minor improvements you would like to report. Do not post suggestions for new elements or features here, those should go in the feedback forum.

    You might also consider reporting bugs on github, so that they don't get lost.

    For more complete changelogs, see the snapshot changelogs or the Github commit history

    Current Release Version: 94.1

    Version 94.1 (Build 343) 2018-02-20
    • Add "Force Integer Scaling" option for fullscreen. This makes "Change Resolution" mode work as intended, and also forces normal fullscreen to an integer scale (black borders will be placed around the edges)
    • Recreate the window when enabling resizable window (Fixes some issues on Windows)
    • Recreate the window when toggling fullscreen, to work around some bugs where the window is sized incorrectly or the mouse position doesn't match where the cursor is
    • Fix issues when disabling resizable window while window is maximized
    • Keyboard shortcuts are now based on en-US layout again, regardless of actual layout. This fixes things like 'y' and 'z' being reversed on QWERTZ lauouts, and fixes non-letter shortcuts on many other layouts
    • Fix stasis wall not affecting GoL elements

    Version 94.0 (Build 342) 2018-02-17
    • Fix issues sampling GoL elements
    • Fix FIND tool finding all GoL types instead of just the one you had selected
    • Fix uncaught exception in console when trying to parse invalid numbers

    Version 94.0 Beta (Build 341) 2018-02-10
    • Add Stasis wall (by moonheart08), elements inside don't move / update until powered. Stasis wall must be powered via another powered wall
    • New element: LDTC (Linear detector), by mark2222 and moonheart08
    • Add unicode support. latin-1 and Cyrillic characters will be added later
    • Upgrade to SDL2. This changes all the keyboard, mouse, and video handling. It also greatly improves fps in double scale mode.
    • Add "resizable window" option and alternate fullscreen mode. These may appear odd because a pixelated game isn't meant to be stretched
    • New event api for Lua scripts. Replaces tpt.register_ functions. A temporary compatibility layer is provided
    • Add inverted mode for TSNS and PSNS with .tmp = 2
    • Make cyclone tool faster
    • Use faster random number generator
    • FPS updates less often in the HUD
    • Change time format for old dates to include day of the month
    • Rewrite rules to be be clearer and more comprehensive
    • Fix single pixel pipe
    • Fix single-particle PSTN bug
    • Fix memory leaks when saving stamps (fixes "bad allocation" crash)
    • Fix gravity sometimes persisting a frame after undoing or clearing the sim
    • Fix sim.brush using diameter instead of radius
    • Mac version updator will now open the website to download the new version from a browser

    Previous feedback threads:
    Version 91.0 - Version 93.3
    Version 88.0 - Version 90.2
    Version 83.7 (first tpt++ release) - Version 87.2
    Version 78.1 - Version 83.0 (tpt), Version 82.0 (tpt++ beta) - Version 83.7 (tpt++ beta)
    Version 53.1 - Version 77.0 (incomplete changelogs)
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  • coryman
    17th February Member 0 Permalink

    I know it's not a new bug, but it's definitely become more common since the update- around half of the saves sorted by date don't have a thumbnail until I click on them. Most of the saves seem to have the new wall or the new sensor, but some don't have either, so it might pipes too

  • jacob1
    17th February Developer 1 Permalink
    @coryman (View Post)
    Yeah ... I'll hopefully have a solution for this by tomorrow.

    The problem is that Simon never updates the renderer. It's an application that runs on the server and renders saves. It doesn't know how to render the new element or wall, so doesn't give it a thumbnail. This problem happened during the 93.0 update too. What I did there was I released a new update, where every save said it was openable in 92.0. This made the renderer happy. At the same time, I updated the renderer code to just make it render everything, no matter what version it was from.

    So I released this update, thinking the renderer wouldn't care. I was expecting that it wouldn't be able to render stasis wall of LDTC, they would just be blank in thumbnails but everything else would show. What actually happened is, the renderer is so old it's still version 92.5. Simon hasn't updated it in over a year, maybe 2 years.

    I'll email Simon. But when I'll probably end up doing is having tpt server ask my server to render the saves.

    Edit: Finished all the code required to have the TPT server request save thumbnails from my server. Will deploy it tomorrow. The path goes like this: User asks for thumbnail -> TPT server sees that no thumbnail exists -> TPT server contacts my server, asking for thumbnail -> My server downloads save from TPT server -> My server renders the save, and sends back the thumbnail. Sounds crazy but seemed to work in my testing. Unsure how much slower it will be. I hate the hacks I have to do just because I can't update one file on the server ... this is the same thing I had to do for the email server (TPT server now asks my server to send out emails in its behalf)

    Edit2: Should be in place now. I'm trying to figure out if I can invalidate all the thumbnails from the last day, but there seems to be a cache on the server or something that's preventing me from regenerating them.
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  • Will_Rocks1
    18th February Member 0 Permalink

    I love the game, but I don't like how when I wanted to remove the older version (Because I had to get an entirely new .dmg because I'm on mac) it wouldn't let me because my permissions were Read Only, even when signed in on the admin account.

  • jacob1
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    @Will_Rocks1 (View Post)
    Yeah, I don't know why it does that. I was getting *really* annoyed with macOS for doing things like that to me. I also had the problem where it required admin permissions to delete my own file.

    I think the problem is that it's not supported on macs to download apps from outside the app store. This is unfortunate because I'm not going to put the app there and have it go through the approval process every time. If I had a real mac I might consider it, but I don't.

    Anyway I don't know how to fix that problem, it will probably stay. Unless a mac developer comes along and offers to fix the numerous issues with TPT (including some new issues with the mac version added in the 94.0 update).

    If the problems with the mac version get any worse I may drop support. But for now, it's technically playable.
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  • Matera_the_Mad
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    Script alert! RCA's HUD XV Update is broken in the new version. It misses or mis-detects elements, and is completely blind to all walls. owoo I tested quite a few scripts in the beta, but missed this one. I'm running Linux Mint, but I just tested the Windows version in a virtual machine - same sad story. Drat.

  • jacob1
    18th February Developer 0 Permalink
    @Matera_the_Mad (View Post)
    Works fine for me. But it sounds like some bugs other users reported where the coordinates are off. Can you tell me whether these 4 settings are on or off: Window scale factor, Resizable window, Fullscreen, Change resolution.

    Also a screenshot would be nice, if possible.

    As for walls, did it ever support that? I'm guessing not.
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  • Paulo_fofis
    18th February Member 0 Permalink

    when will tpt mobile update to 94.0?

  • jacob1
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    @Paulo_fofis (View Post)
    It already has. It was approved by Google a few hours ago. Should appear soon if it hasn't already.
  • Paulo_fofis
    18th February Member 0 Permalink

    Now apear to me. Lol


    edit: I can not believe now it has a little noise.

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