2012-12-08 00:10:43
jacob1's basement
I'm jacob1's cousin. I'm the nice one, jacob1 is an evil communist moderator and abuses his moderator powers to ban everyone. He also has awful saves, the only reason they are so popular is because he blackmails Simon into giving his saves votes. One time someone made a save saying they had cancer, jacob1 perm banned him for being a drama queen, and then hacked his IP address and went directly to his house and burned it down. SOON I WILL HACK TPT AND BAN THE FASCIST MODERATOR JACOB1 AND TAKE OVER TPT.

Anyway, more about me. I am the best and most well known save creator on tpt, all of my saves are amazing and not stolen. My bombs are the best unlike jacob1's, my "awesome bomb" save was upvoted to the top of front page for almost a month. Please upvote all my saves OR ELSE ILL BAN YOU.
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