2013-01-09 09:42:02
Behind you!
To make my bio a bit easy to read, I am dividing it into following 03 parts.

#My Introduction to powdertoy:
I started playing powder toy (tpt) back in 2011 with my alternate account (yes this is my 2nd account that i registered in 2013.)
I still remember the ad that directed me to this website and the first car save that i made with the few original elements we had back then.
Not to mention, I enjoy playing tpt and interacting with this nice little community till this day.

#My saves:
I was/ am mostly interested in making electronics, tutorials, weapons and automobile saves.
Although I rarely make new saves now, but when I do I put a lot of effort in it.

#Other stuff related to TPT:
I own one of the last active active tpt group "T.U.G" (later moved to discord and google plus) & "Cracker1000's mod".
It is a cool modification of TPT featuring not just new elements but also features and modes that make the gameplay even more exciting. It's also regularly updated.
I also host CrackerKbot, a fun bot that started as an experiment for TPT discord.

You can find me on IRC-Freenode or discord (#8861).

Click the link below to try my mod.