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  • dog2
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    Do you think that TPT could potentially support binary interactions of liquids and also logarithmic vapor pressures?

    I know right now the software probably can't or it would be very tricky to do so, but do you think that it's possible?

  • Pasha6657
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    Why not make a server in a discord?
    There are many there, it would be very cool

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  • micro
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    Is there any new elements comeing to tpt in update 95.0? Also I first came across tpt on the nintendo wiis homebrew chanel. (not from the wii shop chanal but a third party thing on pc) there was the powder toy on the home brew downloader. Is this oficial or is it some kind of port some random guy put on homebrew? From what I remember it does not work well. (always crashs when you go into the save browser and seams to use a very old version of powder toy.) I came across powder toy for pc way after i say the wii homebrew version

  • jacob1
    4th January Developer 1 Permalink
    @micro (View Post)
    There won't be any new elements in 95.0, but probably will be in 96.0.

    The wii port was also how I found about TPT. One of the first things I did was a developer was to fix that port. I think I made the online work, I also added some new shortcuts for stamps. I also made it use a slightly more recent version.
    The wii doesn't have enough RAM to run the latest version, though.
    Wii version was definitely not official, anyway.
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    @jacob1 (View Post)

     Elements you wished that you added or features, that where or currently impossible to add? 

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    How many time will TPT 95 developing ?

  • Palpatine333
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    umm...bagels? yeah ik what they mean. but why under 3. ?

  • Mrprocom
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    @Palpatine333 (View Post)
    It's just a thing that we do for fun. The mods/devs have placed bagels in many places throughout the game/forum/whatever, I'm even proud to be a contributor to this bagel 'meme' by hiding one myself somewhere. You can start an easter egg hunt if you have nothing else to do, though I don't recommend it. We don't even keep track of the bagels we have placed.

    While I'm here I might as well answer more stuff.
    @NUCLEAR_FOX (View Post)
    I'm not jacob1, so I don't know what he wishes to be added. But those are definitely impossible to be added (not necessarily "impossible to add") if that's what you are looking for.

    @INFINITY-BOI (View Post)
    I'm guessing you want to know when 95.0 will be released. I don't think there's an official release time; the devs do their stuff at their own pace, but you can keep track of the development process from here if you know about GitHub.
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    @Mrprocom (View Post)

     Oh thanks for link on github

  • Palpatine333
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    Mrprocom. yeah. BGLA.


    edit:no im not starting it. just saw it

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