2019-12-05 12:17:20
Coruscant,eating twix on my throne
biography is asking me to have a biography because its a biography. fine... I like innovative stuff, star wars, spore, and other sci-fi stuff.

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Thats a bad representation of TIE fighter

my quality is: im a scrapper, i scrap thing of other saves and put them in my templates. I GIVE CREDIT!!! but this is mostly the case

i have downloaded a nice amount of 4000 TPT saves, not for stealing, for experience. i see electronics and tricks and use them in my saves. my stamp collection is huge (70 pages) so i (will) make saves with electronic stamps, those and that kind of stamps etc.
i was playing this since 2017. but i learn fast. im (almost) a pro. i registered in december 2019 (end of 2019). My friend (on TPT) is Geniusz1. His saves that say "Palpatine333's" are really mine! i just asked him to post them because i didnt had an account
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