2019-11-17 19:07:40
femboy hooters
If you want to contact me :
just.adam#9826 is my discord
https://discord.gg/aAvyFCZ my dev server
https://discord.gg/U78hNtt my server

My bio (about myself)
My name is Adam [a d a' m]
I can draw , but im so lazy , and im really bad at drawing hands .
I like to draw , but , as i said , im lazy .
idk what you need more in my bio xd

I have joined TPT in ~2017 as NoNStopWarrior.
I have started from publishing pixel art what wasnt looking good as now i make in aseprite , after a ~2-6 monthes i have got a hater and i have begin a hater at his account (aka earthbright) , i have got a ban for 2 days (or 1 , i dont remember) for hate , after that , he/she made save named "great news" where was a sign "nonstopwarrior has died yay!" . Then i just wrote "lol no" and reported the save . He/she got perm. ban .
Then i have stayed up to 2019 , until i got permanent ban for posting a link to other game haha .
Now you can know me only as INFINITY-BOI
After some awful days (death of some people) , i have started using non-license PyxelEdit for doing pixel arts , but after i drawed 5-7 pixel arts , i have found aseprite , i have downloaded it and started drawing . I have posted some pixel arts to Joyreactor (some mix of facebook , twitter and something other) , no one liked them (that's regular with new users in it) . I have left it for a ~4 months and i thinked "why not to come back" . Same thing happened when i came back . Then i wanted to try something that is not related to pixel-arts , this was Photoshop and Krita . (photoshop downloaded from ~2012 and krita is downloaded 17.07.2020)
When i started drawing in Krita , im was searching for Stabilisator for making overly smooth lines , because without it lines are look like many "w" in a row . I have finally found it after some time . Now im training in drawing in Krita and sometimes with color changing in photoshop .
I think this is all my bio .

just.adam#9826 is my discord
I am toxicoman (i like the smell of gas, gasoline , petrol , smoke , paint etc)
i have creepy and bloody imagination , dont ask me to imagine something normal xd

Im not going to be active as im was in 2018
AFTPT (away from tpt) , 18.07.2020
drawing coming in ~XX.12.2020
im have no idea what to draw smh
i havent finished a sketch smh
i havent even started smh
gonna start (trying) making games again smh
lost all my ideas smh
f'd up smh
i have started writing "smh" smh
i read somehow instead of shake my head smh
me : "plz help im changed connection ip in tptmp script"
mods : *helped*
me : yaay
tptmp : you are banned
me : kurwa...

what female human thinks male human doing in shower : *le fap*
what is going irl : "where the f--- im going with my life"

solnce suka vysoko
mne zatylok pripeklo
shya poydu i popizhu
ta udar ot solnca poluchu

v trave sidel kuznechik
spizdil on ogurechik
prodelal on v nem dyrku
i vdrug on stal kakim to prytkim
-still adam

co blijat periewodcik mnie tam piset
ni huja ja nie pojmu
lucse ja pojdu smotret jutubik
ta zrat wodicku mat tvoju
-still adam again

unfunny joke :
if you're choosing between "begin a gay" and "begin a trap" , choose trap and send me pics :V