2012-11-18 18:31:42
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I found this game while in the summer of 2008, while hanging with my friend. It was during the Bejing Olympics it feels like yesterday. We used his mother's computer to play Maple Story, plus played games on Miniclip. Unfortunately I lost the link, the website looked like something straight out of 2003. One day watching videos on Dan Ball's Powder Game, I found the link to this website. I downloaded it, I joined after coming home on 11-4-2012 (4-11-2012), I woke from my nap after a long day in school. Especially running the track with my friends Steven and Timothy in Health Class. It feels like yesterday that I was in seventh grade, I fortunately met my first crush in 2011-2012.

I enjoyed the community and too many names to count and remember. Yes, I was around when PacBrad was getting on everyone's nerves. So I was fortunate to be around in that era and, unfortunately I saw many users leave without explanation. I hope they're doing well! My time may end here as well, but if TPT is around when I have kids. They will inherit this account. Hopefully this game is around for two more decades. I usually check once a day, or holding a convo with cracker1000 at 12:00 or 1:00 PM.