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    Since version 92.0 of the game will be released very soon (hopefully), I decided to update the reference a bit. Sadly, this update is not as big as the previous one simply because I don't have ideas for good features to add.

    • Add all new v92.0 elements to the Elements List topic.
    • Add <sub> <sup> <big> <small> tags to the Useful HTML Tags subtopic
    • Add the creative world dynmap page to the Useful Pages list.
    • Add ID:2157321 to the Tutorials topic under Art.
    • Add TPT Win64 Build to the mods list under the Mods List v90.0+ subtopic.
    • Add @Mrprocom to the Special Roles list.
    • Change the order of the users in the Special Roles list.
    • Fix broken links in all elements from the Gases list in the Elements List topic.
    • Fix typo in Tips subtopic: "Re-upload your decent saves" => "Update or re-upload your decent saves".
    • Fix the position of the example image in the Useful HTML Tags subtopic.
    • Fix the style of the header of dialog boxes.
    • Fix a small style issue in the Mods and Lua Scripts topic.
    • Remove unnecessary <br> tag in the image tag example code in the Useful HTML Tags subtopic.
    • Remove unnecessary spaces from each HTML tag info box in the Useful HTML Tags subtopic.
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    My mod (source code at update to official's v92.5-compatible (?)

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    New update to the reference:
    • Add a new topic: Element Properties, contains a huge sortable table of all elements and useful properties like ID, colour and conductivity.
    • Add a new topic: C++ Reference, contains element properties, menu section and property constants, variables, functions and SCons flags.
    • Add an E key shortcut that brings up Quick Search with a search query that shows all subtopics of the currently-viewed topic. Useful for quick navigation.
    • Add new tips in Tips and FAQ: "Use "C" to set temperatures in Celsius", "Avoid conflicts" and "Do not call it LUA" (yeah yeah I'm ridiculous).
    • Change page icons and modify icon and font sizes to make it easier to find pages in the Useful Pages list.
    • Fix the problem where some links do not work.
    • Fix the description of NBLE, CO2 and CAUS in the Elements List topic.

    Huge thanks to @jacob1 and @LBPHacker for helping me write the C++ reference. Also thanks to @ajloveslily for the idea of adding that Element Properties page and providing a list of elements and their IDs, it's the main reason that got me to update the reference and add more stuff to it.

    @suibian (View Post)
    Hmm? your mod is already listed under v90.0+ Mods List (includes mods from versions 90, 91, 92, etc), it's even the first one because it's the most recent mod to be created. It redirects to your mod thread, my reference doesn't link to source code or download links because those should be found in the threads the reference links to.
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    New update. This one is mainly focused on improving the Mods and Lua Scripts page, here's the full changelog:
    • Add a version number next to each mod indicating what version of vanilla TPT that mod is based on. This was mostly extracted from the game itself or from the source code, but sometimes it was roughly estimated.
    • Add working download links next to each mod, this also shows the supported platforms. Download links that don't work aren't included.
    • Sort the mods list by version number then by date of last update (if two mods share the same version number) and merge it all into one big list instead of multiple categories.
    • Add Minecraft Server forum thread to the Useful Pages list.
    • Add an effect to table rows to make it gradually change colour on hover and not suddenly.
    • Change all Starcatcher-related links to use https instead of http.

    Added Mods (not in order):
    • The Science Toy
    • Mur's Mod
    • ubuntupokemoninc's Mod
    • Dragonfree97's Mod
    • PizzaPlaypus's Mod
    • yew101's Mod
    • Vanquish349's Mod
    • Catelite's Mod
    • Neospector's Mod
    • cctv's Engine Mod
    • Me4502's Mod
    • Tommig's Mod
    • Cracker's Mod
    • AntB's Fork
    • MaksimProg's Mod
    • Vanadium's Fork
    • Pilojo's Mod
    • White TPT

    Removed Mods (mostly because they don't have any working download links):
    • TPT Launcher (this is technically not a mod, just a batch file)
    • Feynman's Mod
    • Speaker Mod
    • Russian Translation of TPT 89.0
    • Multithread Mod
    • Candunc's Mod
    • firefreak11's Mod
    • star400040's Mod
    • cctv Mod
    • webb's Mod
    • Vanquish349's UI Mod
    • Pilojo's Mod
    • UBERNESS' Mod
    • RedFlash's Mod
    • Clankrocks Mod

    Also note that I will mostly only update version numbers or download links when new posts are made announcing new mod versions in their own mod threads (no mod updates have to be announced here).

    Edit: Oh and thanks to @LBPHacker for making a 64-bit Linux icon.
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    @Mrprocom wow this article is amazing!


    You're the bomb!

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    Thanks you for full list of console commands!
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    Why not stick this thread??

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    I mean it should be in important topics.

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