2013-01-09 09:42:02
Behind you!

Now that you have decided to read the bio, tighten up your belts and get ready to go a little adventure!

# My Introduction to TPT
I remember a long time ago I saw an ad somewhere on a completely unrelated site that directed me to the original tpt website, it wasn't as fancy as it is now, but was a lot more active and fun. That's how I got first version of tpt, that time I used to think it was just a windows media player theme, lol

I started playing TPT all the way back in 2011 with my alternate account (yes, this is my 2nd account that I registered in 2013, good luck finding the other one :P) but never published any save until late 2015 or so.

I still have the first car save I made with the few original elements we had back then.
Most of my saves from that period are private now. I might finish them at some point.

# The saves
If you go through my saves you will notice that I am interested in making electronics, tutorials, weapons and automobile saves, mostly electronics tho.

Although I rarely make new saves now, but when I do, I put a lot of effort in it.

# Misc.
Last but not least, a short list of my other tpt related projects,

> Tug (Tpt Users Group), one of the last active tpt group.
> Cracker1000's Mod, simply the best possible tpt mod ever, no conditions apply.
> CrackerKbot, a cool bot for discord that most tpt servers use.
> Android port qol script, the only script that allows you to use most of the PC features om Android.

That's all for now, thanks for reading.
You can PM me if you want to ask anything or find me on IRC-libera/ discord (#8861).
Click the link below to try my mod.