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  • jacob1
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    ok. I'm going to need some more information though. I released this update as a beta because I was worried stuff like that would come up.

    What operating system do you use? Is it Windows 10? Some older Windows? macOS?
    Do you use fullscreen? If so, is "Change Resolution" checked or unchecked?
    Are you using the resizable window option?
    Does restarting the game fix it?

    And also, if you can get a screenshot and upload it somewhere I can see that would be great.
  • Daedar
    11th February Member 0 Permalink

    I play on a laptop with resolution 1366x768 in fullscreen OS windows 8.1 and when i moves HUD i have a little pixel graphical glitch and also i see my windows coursor in game window.

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  • Cracker1000
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    @Daedar (View Post)

     Sdl2 uses a different cursor than what sdl1 did.

    So it will now show a different cursor.

    @jacob1 (View Post)

     Should i post all the bugs i found here as well?

  • Daedar
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    @cracker1000 (View Post)

     It's ok, but old cursor with my screen resolution have a normal size, and the new one is 3 or 4 times bigger. I have something wrong with this new resolution system.

  • vvv331
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    jacob1, i ran TPT Beta file and then i got a warning from antivirus that its infected, is that normal???

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  • david234
    11th February Member 0 Permalink

    Same here, i got antivirus warning from the antivirus regarding beta

  • nukers473
    11th February Member 0 Permalink

    I use Windows 10 and on the newest beta, whenever I try to do anything while the TPTMP window is open it says:

    Attempted to call field 'set_shortcuts' (a nil value)

    Any fixes?

  • jacob2
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    @vvv331 (View Post)
    @david234 (View Post)
    Not sure. You could run it through but there shouldn't be any viruses. TPT gets false positived as a virus a lot for some reason ...

    @nukers473 (View Post)
    Update tptmp. Also, the shift key isn't handled properly anymore, it only works on en-US keyboard layouts. This will be fixed in an update at the same time 94.0 is released.
  • julietkilo
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    stickman goes super sonic in some saves

  • TheSupaMario
    11th February Member 0 Permalink

    Beta issue:
    When I power the statis wall, it doesn't release particles inside it

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