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Implemented in v49.0, Powered Materials are substances that require energy to function. Not to be mistaken with Electronics, which create/transmit/modify electricity. Powered Materials only absorb electricity.

LCRY Liquid Crystal

Colour: grey

Description: Liquid crystal. Changes colour when charged (PSCN charges. NSCN discharges). The color change is normally from a dark grey to a light grey, but the color can now be changed with the decoration layer.

Allows Photons to pass through slowly when charged. Liquid Crystal will turn into Broken Glass at extremely high temperatures.

PCLN Powered Clone

Color: yellow

Description: Solid.When activated, duplicates any particles it touches.

Does exactly what it says on the tin, copies particles. you can edit this with CTYPE property. Activated by PSCN, deactivated by NSCN.

HSWC Heat Switch

Color: Red

Indestructible. Only conducts heat when charged. Charge with PSCN, discharge with NSCN.

PUMP Pressure Pump

Color: blue

Indestructible, changes pressure to its temperature when receives spark from PSCN, have no effects when receives spark from NSCN.

It does not exchange heat with other particles, use HEAT/COOL to change its temperature

GPMP Gravity pump

Color: teal

Indestructible, changes Newtonian Gravity To its temperature upon receiving spark from PSCN. Powers off with NSCN.

No heat exchange with other particles, use HEAT/COOL to change its temperature. Heating it up will cause it to increase gravity, pulling other particles in. When it's cooled, it creates a ngative gravity field, pushing other particles away.

Only works when Newtonian gravity is enabled in the menu.

DLAY Delay

Color: purple

Indestructible, delays spark based on temperature (One degree equals one frame, the hotter it is, the more the spark is delayed), use HEAT/COOL to change temperature. See DLAY element tutorial for more information

STOR Store

Color: Teal

Stores a single particle when it falls into the STOR, releases the particle when charged with PSCN.

PVOD Powered Void

Color: Red

When activated with PSCN, drains away particles like VOID. Deactivate with NSCN. If you set it's ctype, it will only eat that type of particle. if it's tmp is 1, it will only not eat that type of particle.

PBCN Breakable Powered Clone

Color: orange

Duplicates any particle it touches when activated (PSCN on, NSCN off), dissipates under pressure like BCLN.

PPIP Powered Pipe

Color: grey

Temp: 0.00

Description: "Powered version of PIPE"

PPIP works exactly like PIPE, but with a few additions. When sparked with NSCN, the PIPE stops moving things. Sparking it with PSCN will reactivate it, and everything inside will continue. If it is sparked with INST, it will reverse direction. PPIP sometimes gets clogged when it's direction is reversed. When activated, the BRCK surrounding is blue and glows in fancy display mode.

Read the tutorial for more information (and pictures) Tutorial on how to use PIPE