Newtonian gravity

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Newtonian Gravity is a feature that allows the user to simulate gravity as it is in real life. You must turn it on from the menu.

Originally in the game, there were two elements, BHOL (Black-hole) and WHOL (White-hole) which produced negative and positive pressure, respectively. These have been changed. They are now titled "VACU" and "VENT", again, respectively. The elements which now hold the names of BHOL and WHOL are a little bit more complex than a vent and a vacuum. They act like their real life counterparts. A black hole, sucking matter out of space, and a white hole, spewing it back out again. These produce a grid, displaying the power levels of the gravity. The bigger the BHOL or WHOL, the larger the grid, and therefore, the larger the gravity. Primarily, these are used to bend PHOT and NEUT (Light and Radiation, respectively.)

By bending the light, people are now able to create curving photons. Here is one example And here is another