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  • LogikMacherDE
    6th June Member 0 Permalink

    i meant save map ids not player/user ids but sould have tould you that my bad




    and now i canot even upload / ubdate my saves and my unpublished saves gone and always the error


    Not permitted comes up just sometimes f you tpt why is it e failing this simple stuff

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  • InvisRubiks
    31st August Member 0 Permalink

    i was creating regenerative portal out, when i started testing it it just shows a message :


    Details: Memory read/write error

    An unrecoverable fault has occured, please report the error by visiting the website below

  • jacob1
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    @InvisRubiks (View Post)
    For modded games / elements, you should post crash details on the mod thread instead. We don't develop that mod.
  • LogikMacherDE
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    The game rn likes tpt crash loading any kind of stamps why why just why also why do some filt subframe computer not work anymore and im sorry nut i acctly play sense 2012 this game i never noticed any element added i thoght even ptmn was there bit i dint notice or rock when was that added you slower then gerometry dash dev GD has more elments per update then tpt i dont care if there r mods mobile almost no mod works there and mobiles ARL (autorun lua) icon is too smal and in akward pos you game could have so many more pleayers back or added no just an few days ago map making slowed way down and i noticed less good saves that wasent the 1st time 2017 was the last year that was by spike more popular but now agian little player activity do something please like acctuly meaby add something simple like mmmmmm D2O deutrium water made with nble and oxyg bc in tpt nble=hygn 2 D2O sould have 11% higher density melts at higher temp also eable to make in 2&chance if you electrolice watr and yould have 2% darker shade
  • jacob1
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    @BlueLobsterTPT_MC (View Post)
    If you're getting crashes, we need more details like what platform you're playing on, and if you have mods.

    Regarding your element, this thread isn't for element suggestions, those should go in the Feedback section.

    Also general advice: USE PUNCTUATION! Run-on sentences are extremely hard to read.
  • LogikMacherDE
    11th November Member 0 Permalink

    makes total sense: tpt.getscript(1, "autorun.lua", 1) > console:1: attempt to call field 'getscript' (a nil value)


    @jacob1 it crashes if anyone loads a stamp on tptmp or singleplayer

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  • jacob1
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    @LogikMacherDE (View Post)
    tpt.getscript was renamed to tpt.beginGetScript

    But only in certain mods, or snapshots. So you're definitely using a mod, which one is it?

    Can you describe the crash? Is it a bluescreen? Or is tptmp saving an error log? Or something else like the game says "not responding" ?
  • LogikMacherDE
    11th November Member 0 Permalink

    @jacob1 good to know but the crash its just whiteish then close progream , wait for response and mostly theres no response so i click close prgramm and it crashed im btw using rn Win32 powdertoy 97.0 no shapshot cracker1000s mod windows thinks its a virus

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  • floopywonder
    14th November Member 0 Permalink

    So, i know this might be in the wrogn area, but my dream is to become a moderator, how can i set me self up more for this?

    Is it possible for me to get to know any moderators so i can be sort of an apprentice and i can learn from the best, If so, please contact me. Its ok if i dont fit the requirements, just talk to me privatly about it please Devs?

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  • TPTSortaGuy
    6th December Member 0 Permalink

    Hello. On the latest version of Android (Android 14 or One UI 6 depending on your phone), touches don't respond instantly or at all. It's also basically impossible to log in on mobile now, only the website.


    Could you and your team fix this?