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    This thread is for posting bugs, issues in the game, or any other minor improvements you would like to report. Do not post suggestions for new elements or features here, those should go in the Feedback subforum.

    You might also consider reporting bugs on github, so that they don't get lost.

    For more complete changelogs, see the snapshot changelogs or the Github commit history

    Current Release Version: 98.2

    98.2 (Build 365) 2024-04-02
    • The squirrel infestation problem is mostly resolved
    • Fix issue where long save titles were cutoff
    • Fix issue where error messages opening the save browser were cutoff

    98.1 (Build 364) 2024-04-01
    • Add sound to the game. A new system for playing sounds when elements react has been added. You'll be able to enjoy sounds during your favorite reactions, such as FIRE burning, bombs exploding, or squirrels mocking you
    • Zoom window now shows particle faces in more detail. Particles may now react to being set on fire

    98.0 (Build 363) 2024-03-26
    • When rescanning stamps, stamps are now added to the back instead of the front
    • Fix local saves being sorted Z-A instead of A-Z
    • Fix being unable to focus comment textbox if another comment was behind it
    • Fix some text being cut off in profile viewer and save preview
    • Fix gravity zones not being drawn in some cases even if gravity wall is selected
    • Fix crash when selecting a stamp too quickly
    • Fix Lua dialogs looping infinitely in some cases
    • Various updates to the look of the web version, including a loading icon and new dark theme for the website

    98.0 Beta (Build 362) 2024-03-17
    • TPT is now also available on the web
    • Add liquid resist RSST and solid resist RSSS
    • Add BIZR/BIZG/BIZS ctype serialization
    • Notify about missing custom elements when opening online saves
    • Implement stamp renaming
    • Add Ctrl+E shortcut to cycle through edge modes
    • Add F11 shortcut to toggle fullscreen
    • Add blurry scaling option
    • Native clipboard support for some platforms; you can now copy and paste between windows
    • Add stack trace to bluescreen on some systems
    • Add more unicode characters to the font
    • Make TESC create LIGH with same deco color
    • Allow setting ETRD min and max distance with tmp and tmp2
    • Kill stickmen immediately if their health goes below zero
    • Fix RIME's description (it is formed through deposition, not sublimation)
    • Update streamline description so that it's more helpful
    • Enable out of bounds pasting
    • Enter stamp placement mode when drag-and-dropping a stamp
    • Make PROP tool less annoying to use by preventing exit until all settings are valid
    • Make find mode work with the PROP tool
    • Sample "into" the PROP tool when it is active by holding shift
    • Read stamps from stamps.json instead of stamps.def. stamps.def will be migrated to the new format on upgrade
    • "Rescan Stamps" is now performed automatically on launch, and no longer reorders by date. Instead, new stamps will be added to the front of the list
    • Center some category icons
    • Fix Textbox width limiting content length
    • Make element search scrollable
    • Approximate save previews with thumbnails if they are available
    • Make save history icon more visible
    • Auto-focus the input field in the tag list
    • Add version info to bluescreen
    • Improved fps display when hitting fps cap
    • Prevent almost all HTTP requests from blocking
    • Make Grave (the key under Esc) exiting the console optional
    • Fix logouts not actually destroying sessions
    • Fix FUSE not burning as fiercely as meant to
    • Restore old SOAP foam behaviour and make it work with nonstandard gravity
    • Fix many-headed stickmen
    • Fix an obscure water equalization crash
    • Fix extremely rare crashes caused by complicated energy particle bombs
    • Fix crash when passing bad coordinates to sim.clearRect
    • Fix refraction not working properly in some cases
    • Fix custom elements sometimes disappearing on load
    • Fix custom element types being mangled in secondary properties such as .ctype
    • Fix some air simulation asymmetries
    • Fix "script is not responding" appearing sometimes in unintended situations
    • Fix delete key not functioning correctly in textboxes when text is selected
    • Work around more input method bugs on Windows, may fix Hangul input for some people
    • Sanitize the Lua API - a large amount of functions, especially in the tpt.* api, have been deprecated and replaced with new versions
    • Compatibility for all deprecated functions is provided via a script, unless noted. For details on the new APIs, check the wiki
    • Lua dialogs do not block execution anymore, instead they are async and run a callback when done. The old APIs have been removed, and must be replaced with the new APIs
    • Add sim.walls for id<->identifier lookups
    • Add sim.listStamps
    • Add fs.isLink
    • Add tpt.version.vcstag to make it easier to identify builds when reporting bugs
    • Expose numerous new constants to Lua
    • Add beforesimdraw and aftersimdraw events
    • Add hflip and rotation parameters to sim.loadStamp
    • Add includePressure parameter to sim.loadStamp
    • Fix os.exit()
    • Fix sim.neighbours yielding the center particle
    • Fix sim.partNeighbors table being 0-indexed
    • Fix custom can_move settings being reset after using tpt.el

    97.0 (Build 352) 2023-01-03
    • Fix white LIFE being created in some cases, such as from EXOT+NEUT
    • Fix background color not showing up in vote buttons on your own saves
    • Fix property tool converting x / y values as temperatures
    • Fix possible crash when setting x / y from Lua
    • Add sim.temperatureScale
    • Tweak "Small 3" character (\uE032) in the font
    • Add --disable-bluescreen startup arg
    • Fix input method support on Linux

    97.0 Beta (Build 351) 2022-12-27
    • Add custom gravity mode
    • Add temperature scales option, controls whether Celsuis, Kelvin, or Fahrenheit is default in the HUD, PROP tool, and console
    • Add ability to switch or remove accidentally placed votes
    • Performance improvements in simulation code (up to 8% fps boost)
    • Added chemically strengthening GLAS (expose GLAS to molten SALT)
    • Add inverted element filtering to CONV with tmp2 set to 1
    • New WTRV + BCOL -> OIL reaction in presence of PTNM
    • Make PHOT change its wavelength upon colliding with charged LITH
    • Enable By date button when viewing Favorites
    • New icon (replica of the old icon) that now unified across all desktop platforms
    • Add PowderCoin icon to font
    • Add Mac M1 builds, which are currently hidden as they aren't properly signed by Apple
    • Convert float pavg[2] to int tmp3, tmp4
    • Save higher halves of tmp3 and tmp4 if needed (fixes saving photons in PIPE)
    • Alias dcolor, pavg0, pavg1 to dcolour, tmp3, tmp4
    • Make QRTZ slightly change color while growing
    • Make CRMC immune to ACID
    • Let NEUT pass through BGLA
    • Make stickman movement strength independent of gravity
    • Remove "Rendering Thumbnails" phase of local save browser, it now handles large amounts of saves better
    • Element scroll bars no longer show in menus that don't scroll
    • Add discord link to intro text
    • Update TPT's user agent and intro text with new IDENT portion that better identifies platform and architecture
    • Add underline escape sequence to text renderer (\bU)
    • Use PNG avatars and thumbnails
    • Crop stamp thumbnails that don't fit even when resized
    • Use date in screenshot filenames to ensure each screenshot's filename is unique
    • Fix PHOT reflecting off thin walls of particles incorrectly
    • Fix TRON being unable to pathfind to the top and left edges of the screen
    • Fix SOAP not floating properly on OIL in radial gravity mode
    • Fix WARP being biased towards moving to the right
    • Fix find mode not highlighting WARP particles
    • Fix LITH conducting through INSL
    • Remove inaccuracy in OIL's description
    • Fix glitchy behavior when flood filling solid particles around detect wall
    • Fix pipe mirroring
    • Fix custom elements disappearing after rotating a stamp
    • Fix loading of "version 1" PSv saves
    • Fix ambient air temperature being loaded from saves as int, not float
    • Fix near-RTEMP temperatures being loaded incorrectly in some cases
    • Fix the zoom window producing out of bounds coordinates
    • Fix local browser offering to open broken saves
    • Fix empty string being discarded at beginning of lua log/return lists
    • Fix handling of malformed scale: and proxy: arguments
    • Fix TPT Window breaking sometimes when toggling "resizable window" while in fullscreen
    • Fix occasional crash when flood filling with particle limit filled
    • Fix crash when trying to render an empty stamp
    • Fix potential crash when adding a custom GOL type
    • Fix extremely rare crash when using water equalization with loop edge mode and other high velocity liquids nearby
    • Fix a very elusive PHOT reflection crash
    • Fix exception when passing nil to some functions in interface api
    • Add bz2 (bzip2) api
    • Expose SDL keycodes and scancodes to Lua
    • Expose SDL button codes to Lua
    • Add evt.beforesim and evt.aftersim for running code only when simulation advances
    • Add sim.updateUpTo and sim.lastUpdatedID, for handling partial sim updates in Lua
    • Add sim.historyRestore and sim.historyForward
    • Add sim.MAX_PRESSURE and sim.MIN_PRESSURE constants
    • Add sim.partExists and elem.exists
    • Add real v parameter to sim.partCreate
    • Add clip rect feature to Graphics and gfx.setClipRect
    • Add http.getAuthToken
    • Add verb parameter to http.get/post
    • Return HTTP response headers to Lua
    • Deprecate tpt.element_func / tpt.graphics_func and replace with compatibility script
    • Fix PIPE graphics hack giving Lua graphics functions bad particle IDs
    • Fix null byte handling in Lua API - Allows passing in null bytes, which allows 0s to be used with \x0F color codes
    • Fix Lua state not being cleaned up on exit

    96.2 (Build 350) 2021-08-29
    • Add AMBP and AMBP tools for interacting with ambient heat
    • Add HSV sliders in color picker
    • Add some new Lua functions: sim.replaceModeFlags, sim.listCustomGol, sim.addCustomGol, sim.removeCustomGol, sim.floodDeco, tpt.perfectCircleBrush
    • LIGH now lasts longer and expands across multiple frames
    • Optimize undo history memory usage
    • Fix issue where stamping LIGH at the right moment caused every LIGH to strike at once
    • Prevent property tool from being used with invalid values
    • Fix issue on Windows causing random disconnects from the TPT Multiplayer server

    Previous feedback threads:
    Version 94.0 - Version 96.1
    Version 91.0 - Version 93.3
    Version 88.0 - Version 90.2
    Version 83.7 (first tpt++ release) - Version 87.2
    Version 78.1 - Version 83.0 (tpt), Version 82.0 (tpt++ beta) - Version 83.7 (tpt++ beta)
    Version 53.1 - Version 77.0 (incomplete changelogs)
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    I don't know if this started this update, but whenever using "!set type (any element) coal", it replaces the mentioned element with coal, but when unpasued, the coal spontaniously combusts and instantly turns into fire. This happens no matter the coal's temperature or contact with other elements.

  • jacob1
    5th Sep 2021 Developer 1 Permalink
    @RamenNoodlesGuy (View Post)
    This has always been the case. Coal normally spawns with 110 life and 50 tmp. Without these properties, it will immediately combust.
  • Loiosh42
    8th Sep 2021 Member 0 Permalink

    I do not know if this is fixable, but when you load layered materials into multiplayer and sync, the order the particles are stacked in is random. Also, Cray-generated LIGH with life 1 does not appear on screen fully after a recent update.

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  • the_sparro
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    what is the LITH->GLAS reaction?

     and how do i do it



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  • jacob1
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    @Loiosh42 (View Post)
    TPT Multiplayer will take a stamp of the area you loaded in, and send it to other players. This uses TPT's built-in stamp mechanism, which should preserve stack order, although it will change particle IDs / order. Are you loading the stacks from a stamp / save, or using a script to load them?

    I mostly made changes to LIGH's .tmp2 property, but I also changed LIGH slightly to kill it if the .life is <= 1, rather than delaying the kill by a frame. That must be what broke it. I could fix it for a future version of TPT.<br/>
    @the_sparro (View Post)
    The LITH page on the wiki has more info. Be sure to expose the LITH to a lot of CO2 before triggering the "explosion".
  • KnZahid300
    15th Sep 2021 Member 0 Permalink

    The wiki isn't showing the anbient heat tools

  • jacob1
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    @KnZahid300 (View Post)
    They are new in 96.2. Feel free to document them, because the wiki is maintained by the community.

    For 96.0 I documented everything in advance of release, but not for 96.2 (I was busy). I've been meaning to document the new stuff in 96.2 soon.
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