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    Cracker1000 mod

    This mod adds new elements and functionality to existing tpt.Elements added in this mod are and will mostly be suggested by users.

    You can now see how your imagined element actually works in tpt.

    I will try to add the decent requests.

    So feel free to try the mod and suggest your favorite element.


    What's new?

    *New elements added:

    FUEL  (FUEL)

    Description:Burns very slowly ,dense fuel.



    Description:Gets solidified as SGLU i.e solidified glue upon reaching temp above 100C.To melt it again use extremely cold temperatures.


    Indestructible INSL(INSD)

    Description:Just regular INSL but indestructible.



    Description:Faster versions.Extremely usefull for logic gates and faster electronics.



    Description:A new but powerful explosive,sensitive to pressure,temp and explodes if stickmen walks over it.Suggested by @Nuclear_Fox.



    Description:Cools down surrounding particles if temp is above 100C gets converted into WATV is temp cannot be controlled.


    Realistic battery (RBTR)

    Description:Finaly the wait for realistic battery is over now.PSCN charges it (Charge stored as temp).To discharge just place a NSCN nearby.Discharged only when temp is above 1C.

    Thanks to @Catelite for suggestion.



    *All elements are placed in a new menu called "CRACKER1000" menu so you can find elements easily.


    *All hidden elements from tpt are now shown in a new menu called "Hidden-elements"menu.


    *The mod will be open for new element suggestions so there are chances the next update might include your favorite element.Don't forget to provide as much details as possible.


    Use the below given format:






    *Mod is build using latest tpt++ source code so it will always be updated faster than other mods.

    NOTE: Currently available for only windows users.


    In near future i will be providing builds for LINUX and MAC users using jacob1's build server.



    Add Ions (with some added reactions) by @nukers473

    Make INSD block PROT.


    Thanks to @jacob1 for helping me.





    Report any bug you find.

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    There are 3 elements I've always wanted:
    Name: ION

    Colour: Whitish-blue, like NEUT but brighter
    Properties: Transforms into ANIN at random, reacts with ANIN creating ENGY
    Description: Ions. Randomly turns into ANIN and reacts with anions.

    Name: ANIN
    Colour: Very dark red
    Properties: Transforms into ION at random, reacts with ION creating ENGY

    Description: Anions. Randomly turns into ION and reacts with ions.


    Name: ENGY
    Colour: Black. Pure black.

    Properties: Life starts at 100 and decreases until 0, at which point it turns into 1 particle of ANIN and 1 particle of ION

    Description: Energy.

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    @nukers473 (View Post)

     Alright i will try to add these elements possibly in next update.

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    Indenstructible INSL, just everything I needed!

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    @Cracker1000 (View Post) I will come up with new suggestions, it takes time to think of such things.


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    Oh, also, a quick suggestion, could you have INDS block protons?

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    Fixed element ID conflicts.

    Added RBTR element.

    Added various new reactions to elements.

    Make LNDM stickman sensitive.

    Fix some elements not showing up in hidden menu.