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    Cracker1000 mod


    Cracker1000's mod is a feature rich, optimised and light weight modification of tpt that regularly gets updated. It adds several customisable settings, features and elements to the game.


    Full compatibility with the existing saves, ever growing userbase and a refreshed modern interface makes it the perfect vanilla replacement.

    Cracker1000 mod

    Major changes:

    Over 25+ new elements to play with.

    Changes to HUD, showing much more info like Vx, Vy, different temp units, date and time etc

    Customisable themes and option for changing background.

    Easily type mutiline text with the inbuilt texter.

    Option for showing all hidden elements.

    Vote counter enabled for online save browser (You can now see the vote counts like android port on PC)

    In-game feedback/ reporting options.

    Detailed offline wiki for mod elements that's always there for help.

    New tools and gravity modes.

    Script manager and multiplayer script comes pre-installed with the mod.

    Notification when a new mod version becomes available (thanks to jacob1's build server).


    Changes from latest version (19.0):

    New elements: PPTI, PPTO (powered versions of PRTI and PRTO.) and SEED (Grows into TREES like IRL.)
    New LED mode where it flash colours when .tmp2 is set to "06" mode.
    Move PROJ into Force category and also improve the collision detection.
    Remove the explosion code from LITH (making capacity changes easier.)
    Changes to UV, can now split WATR into H2 and O2 after passing it through FILT otherwise will just evaporate it.
    Menu now shows reminder status if reminder is turned on.
    Update TPTMP script to 1.0.2
    Updated WIKI.


    Make feedback buttons smaller to avoid accidental clicks with neighboring buttons.
    Make Reminder unregister first if clicked twice (prevent accidental slowing down the game.)
    Fix J key shortcut bringing up the Mod settings while typing text in TPTMP window.
    Code cleanup for various elements, should give better performance now (QGP, LED, PHOS, FNTC, FPTC, CLNT and PRMT.)
    Fix Custom option crashing the game if no settings were saved beforehand.
    Opening and Closing the menu no longer alters the simulation pause state.
    Fix PHOS making WATR out of nowhere.


    Add custom brightness settings (Now you can change the game brightness without affecting other programmes.)
    Make customisable themes show the RGB value for each theme and also make it a bit compact.
    Make theme use the alpha values of slider (using the brightness settings if turned on.)
    Update inbuilt tptmp script to version 1.0.1 (Check out the forum thread for more info.)
    HUD(while in debug mode) now shows temp. in both K and F.
    Add an inactivity reminder (Will pop up a message after every 30 mins reducing unneccesary cpu and memory usage.)
    UV is now invisible and also penetrates other elements (Pass it through FILT to make it visible.)
    Fix HUD showing Fahrenheit as unit instead of Kelvin.
    Switching between themes is now optimised.

    Cracker1000 mod

    Download links:




     Linux 32bit


     Linux 64bit



    Cracker1000 mod


    Older versions

    Cracker1000 mod

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    There are 3 elements I've always wanted:
    Name: ION

    Colour: Whitish-blue, like NEUT but brighter
    Properties: Transforms into ANIN at random, reacts with ANIN creating ENGY
    Description: Ions. Randomly turns into ANIN and reacts with anions.

    Name: ANIN
    Colour: Very dark red
    Properties: Transforms into ION at random, reacts with ION creating ENGY

    Description: Anions. Randomly turns into ION and reacts with ions.


    Name: ENGY
    Colour: Black. Pure black.

    Properties: Life starts at 100 and decreases until 0, at which point it turns into 1 particle of ANIN and 1 particle of ION

    Description: Energy.

  • Cracker1000
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    @nukers473 (View Post)

     Alright i will try to add these elements possibly in next update.

  • TheSupaMario
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    @Cracker1000 (View Post) I will come up with new suggestions, it takes time to think of such things.


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  • nukers473
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    Oh, also, a quick suggestion, could you have INDS block protons?

  • Cracker1000
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    Fixed element ID conflicts.

    Added RBTR element.

    Added various new reactions to elements.

    Make LNDM stickman sensitive.

    Fix some elements not showing up in hidden menu.

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    @nukers473 (View Post)

     That's what I suggested him to do, but he's been awful busy. Also I think he forgot I suggested it lol, I will give it  a new name. Until then it's just INSD, for now. Also it's supposed to asorb heated electrons, photobs, neutrons, and photons. Since it's supposed protect nuclear reactors, space stations, etc. From radioactive element reactions and so forth. 

    @Cracker1000 (View Post)

     New name for INSD in the future, I'll private message you about it. When I think of a name, which could be months. Just kidding, probably about four days total. 


    Also LNDM in the future will be be better, No spoilers are going to leak out. Update INDS will be renamed Demron, DMRN. Since the element is a fabric and Demron is a fabric that protects you from radiation and asorbs heated electrons, neutrons, photons, and protons.

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    For longevity I'd recommend uploading your source to github. While not a requirement, it's just nice to easily pull code and common practice. Again, totally optional, just a neater method than downloading a zip file
  • Cracker1000
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    @Lockheedmartin (View Post)

     Thanks but this is already planned.I am looking forward to provide builds for other Os so using GitHub becomes must.