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    Cracker1000 mod


    Have you ever wanted a tpt mod that supports all the saves from vanilla, is updated more often and also has new and usefull features and elements?

    The Cracker1000's Mod does all that and more. The aim here is to develop a mod that has the potential to be used as a replacement for Vanilla.

    Feel free to suggest new ideas, features and elements for the mod. Who knows they might get added in next version, provided they're unique and decent.


    Some Shots taken from the Mod

    Cracker1000 mod


    Major Changes:

    * Tptmp, scriptmanager and crackerk scripts are now built right into the mod.

    *Saves now show the vote count in online browser.

    * Over 17 new and exciting elements to play with.

    * Script manager is now embedded inside the mod!

    * Added an in-game wiki for help, press "J" to access it.

    * Add new gravity modes.

    * New Reset tool, resets all the particles to their default properties and removes deco.

    * New Elemental wall. (inroduced in version 9.0)

    * Signs now show life, ctype, .tmp and .tmp2 properties of elements.

    * All new elements are placed in a separate menu.

    * All hidden elements from tpt are now shown in "specials" menu.

    * Mod is updated every 2 months (faster updates before official).

    * In game updates whenever a new version is available.

    * Tweaked UI and HUD to give the Mod a refreshed look.

    Some existing elemental modifications:

    * LSNS can be now used for serializing and deserializing life.

    * DTEC has an invert mode now.

    * LED element can now change colour based on it's .tmp value.

    * CLNT changes colour based on different stress conditions.




    Version 10.0 (Xtreme)

    # Scriptmanager and tptmp now uses same blue colour theme and are modified to work with mod.

    # New element VLSN (velocity sensor).

    # Fix wall element and make its edges much smoother.

    # Add new menu enabling handy options, accessible by clicking on TG.

    # Fix crash when ESC key was pressed.

    # Enable vote counter for online saves.

    # Updated wiki for more help.

    # Brush sizes are consistent among different shapes.


    Version 9.0 released!

    # Rewrite mod from scratch.
    # Wiki now uses a different method to work (can support more pages.).
    # Simplify the wiki text, easier to use now.
    # UI colours are more consistent everywhere.
    # Add new element "wall"
    # Embed the script manager.
    # Add new Jupitor gravity mode.
    # Update every new element to be more usefull
    # CLNT now shows colour change when under stress.
    # Move hidden elements to SPECIAL menu.


    Version 8.0 released!

    # Merge changes from snapshot 181.

    # Add new element "PINV", powered invisible (allows particle to move through when activated.)

    # Add inverted Gravity mode.

    # Rewrite LITH (now colours change gradually and use Flood fill instead of Sim -> create)

    # performace improvements.

    # Updated the in - game wiki (accessible by pressing J.)

    # Improvements to SUN.


    Version 7.0

    # Rewrite LITH.
    # ADD new element SUN
    # Add new reactions to SUN
    # PLNT now grows in direction of Sunlight.
    # Make UVRD interact with more elements.
    # Updated in game wiki.
    # Optimise LED element.
    # Fix some bugs with older elements.
    # Added invert mode to DTEC (WIP).
    # Prevent users from setting random range values for sensors.
    # Update to match master branch.


     Version 6.0:

    # Added an in-game wiki for new elements, accessible by pressing J.

    # Added different colour modes for LED element.(Use .tmp to change modes).

    # Fix LITH battery not activating from a one pixel distance.

    #  Somechanges to LSNS and DTEC.

    # Add Reset tool.

    # Make changes to support a new mode called night/dark mode in future.


    Version 5.0:

    #  Added a blue theme to UI.

    # New elements added (UVRD,THMM).

    # Add more reactions to LITH, some major ones are mentioned below:

    # Proper support for fast charging.

    # Now reacts with water and some other elements.

    # FPS capped at 80 (previously was at 60).

    #  Remove unwanted update functions. Many bug fixes/element improvements.

    # INSD is now DEMRON.( A radioactive shielding fabric.)


    Update 4.0:
    # Make INSD block energy particles.
    # Signs now show life and .tmp properties of particles.
    # Add new element COND (conditioner).
    # Add new element LED (Light emitting Diode).
    # Some bug fixes.

    Update 3.0:
    # Fixed element ID conflicts.
    # Added RBTR element.
    # Added various new reactions to elements.
    # Make LNDM stickman sensitive.
    # Fix some elements not showing up in hidden menu.

    Update 1 & 2:
    # Initial versions (Might have numerous bugs, report if you find any.)

    Source code

    Version 10.0 download links:



    Windows 32


    Beta version. (Only for Windows users.)

    Currently Unavailable

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    There are 3 elements I've always wanted:
    Name: ION

    Colour: Whitish-blue, like NEUT but brighter
    Properties: Transforms into ANIN at random, reacts with ANIN creating ENGY
    Description: Ions. Randomly turns into ANIN and reacts with anions.

    Name: ANIN
    Colour: Very dark red
    Properties: Transforms into ION at random, reacts with ION creating ENGY

    Description: Anions. Randomly turns into ION and reacts with ions.


    Name: ENGY
    Colour: Black. Pure black.

    Properties: Life starts at 100 and decreases until 0, at which point it turns into 1 particle of ANIN and 1 particle of ION

    Description: Energy.

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    @nukers473 (View Post)

     Alright i will try to add these elements possibly in next update.

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    @Cracker1000 (View Post) I will come up with new suggestions, it takes time to think of such things.


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    Oh, also, a quick suggestion, could you have INDS block protons?

  • Cracker1000
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    Fixed element ID conflicts.

    Added RBTR element.

    Added various new reactions to elements.

    Make LNDM stickman sensitive.

    Fix some elements not showing up in hidden menu.

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    @nukers473 (View Post)

     That's what I suggested him to do, but he's been awful busy. Also I think he forgot I suggested it lol, I will give it  a new name. Until then it's just INSD, for now. Also it's supposed to asorb heated electrons, photobs, neutrons, and photons. Since it's supposed protect nuclear reactors, space stations, etc. From radioactive element reactions and so forth. 

    @Cracker1000 (View Post)

     New name for INSD in the future, I'll private message you about it. When I think of a name, which could be months. Just kidding, probably about four days total. 


    Also LNDM in the future will be be better, No spoilers are going to leak out. Update INDS will be renamed Demron, DMRN. Since the element is a fabric and Demron is a fabric that protects you from radiation and asorbs heated electrons, neutrons, photons, and protons.

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    For longevity I'd recommend uploading your source to github. While not a requirement, it's just nice to easily pull code and common practice. Again, totally optional, just a neater method than downloading a zip file
  • Cracker1000
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    @Lockheedmartin (View Post)

     Thanks but this is already planned.I am looking forward to provide builds for other Os so using GitHub becomes must.