2022-11-29 15:16:06
Germany, Brandenburg
Im a Fella german thats in his 30s you may know me because i used to be RadioactivMan > BlueLobsterTPT > BlueLobsterTPT_MC > LogikMacherDE , LogikMacherDE is german and it stands for Logic macker DE, DE is germany but whatever im also a dude that programms in MS-DOS code meaby soon Powershell but ahm ahm PS is quite bad in some cases but Cool some few people still remember me from roblox BLThepowdertoy or few also know me from minecraft EnderCatoO some number is there still but who cares and the least know me from 2b2t/minecraft bedrock as GoldCreeper9516 but only my mom knows me as IronCreeper1987 and i was born at 17.8.1987 but yeah thats really all there is only my Dont get sick (DGS) and my
1st map on this acount 12.11.2022(but it may be gone tho.....) and bye have a nice day DGS
idk have none
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