Allow searching 3 letter words

  • Darmagon
    23rd October Member 1 Permalink

    Allow searching 3 letter words in the save search bar, there's 3 letter element names so there's probably thousands of saves using keywords like OIL and WAX that we can never find without checking every other word in the save title. I understand if it's an anti spam mechanic or a technical restriction but if there is no problem with shorter search terms... why not?

  • IlikeUssr
    23rd October Member 0 Permalink

    Like... ...+1

  • Supercrafter
    23rd October Member 0 Permalink

    Plus, what's the point of requiring tags to be 3 words or more, if you can't actually search for 3 word tags? 

  • Lockheedmartin
    23rd October Moderator 0 Permalink
    It's really about the broadness and search function possibly giving too many results because the three letter chunk may be contained in other words.
  • Darmagon
    25th October Member 0 Permalink

    Quite a basic search engine then... I wonder if it could be improved by making it check for how the word is written and checking instead for 3-4 different versions of that word...

  • jacob1
    26th October Developer 0 Permalink
    I'm not sure what you mean.

    Anyway, I know Simon disabled it because he said it was causing extra load on the server. But in the past it would send every letter as you typed it. This is something I fixed many years ago, so it might be fine to re-enable 3 letter searches now.

    But since I have no ability to re-enable it, and no ability to properly understand server load, 4 characters will remain the minimum.