2020-06-03 06:23:37
Average TPT player, knows a bit of TPT mechanics

Some of my favourite creators:
- Ura_Ura
- Wasteland
- DeuteriumOxide
- East_Europe3339
- Cracker1000
- JonaHungary
- LBPHacker
- plutoniumfusion
- Teneiger10

...and many more!

Besides TPT, I play other games, such as Geometry dash or Factorio. Unfortunately, I'm still a newbie in Factorio, only around 250h of playtime.

Watched 5 parts of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, my favourite anime so far. "Diamond is unbreakable" is definitely my favourite part, "Killer" is my favourite OST and "STONE OCEAN" in my opinion is the best opening.

TPT facts that you possibly didn't know:
- PLNT with tmp of 1 grows infinitely along any WOOD
- It is possible to produce INSL using GAS and PTNM
- QRTZ may die after growing too much QRTZ particles
- SPNG separates CO2 from BUBW and SALT from SLTW
- PLNT releases 8x more OXYG particles than it takes CO2/SMKE
- CLST becomes semi-solid when colder than -70C

You can find me at:
Discord - sok z komucha#0353
YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCy08jacDCiXfdkaCB2dyzng
Steam - https://steamcommunity.com/id/dichlorodiflluoromethane/

Have a good day

Fun fact, I was the lucky one to get id:2900000