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  • wetoast
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    sorry, but i think that the fire and explosions should be red and yellow rather than brown. i know you can enable this in the simulation visuals options (idk what they're called) but some people might not know this.

  • jacob1
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    This is the default already, so I'm not sure what we are supposed to change here.

    Some people may use "nothing" display mode (8), but if you want the pretty fire effects (at the cost of fps), you have to be in fire display more (4). Which is also the default and the recommended way to play. I switch between 4 and 8 a lot.
  • EnganK
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    Most likely, wetoast means that the fire in the Nothing display should just have a red-yellow color. I remember when I first got acquainted with TPT and watched a fire in one of the saves, for a long time I could not understand what these brown pixels were.
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  • IlikeUssr
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    @Jacob1 @wetoast 7 is good too. And 9 has cool effects.