TPT AC - The Powder Toy Alliance Comitee

  • aurimukstis1
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    Hello Architects, Engineers, and Creators! If you're reading this, you've been requested to join the TPT Alliance Committee.
    First: Meet the current team.
    ? Aurimukstis1: "I might be bad, but meet me first, then let's talk."
    CatArmour: "Hello! I said I stopped playing TPT in 2020!"
    AVeryBigNurd: "I think my name is quite self explanatory."
    As TPT has fallen into hard times recently, especially with the leaving of the majority of elder players and largest creators, we have decided that an intervention is necesarry, to re-organize, re-kindle, and carry on the traditions of the older TPT community members. CatArmour will leave when the project is complete. This server is now hopefully the host of a small community of members, we will be conducting competitions, creating nationwides and other games, and encouraging the connection of players, hopefully indefinitely. If we are successful, TPT will be sustained about a year or so more. Our interests are in doing something, *anything* to just... keep things alive.
    Most importantly, we will be organizing and supporting players. This is likely not an easy task. We will be doing our best.
    To join you need to apply

    You can apply here:

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    Join Countries of the World Project to get job!Do not listen to this one!

    Have a good day!



  • Uganda_Knuckles
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    i only wnted to join if u need a substitut or a helper, 

    My saves arent good for you! im not a good creator anyways, my lazyness makes me weaker , but i can still try! im thinking on what to make this time

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  • IlikeUssr
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    I sent.

    Well, I said that I'm playing TPT for 1-2 years, but uhm... know, I have some experience with games like TPT, And... know, My saves aren't Too bad. Just accept xD

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    Thank you to those who applied.

    You are being reviewed. 

  • Beatless123
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    I would also like to join your alliance. My tanks and spaceships are ready to serve you.

  • emilien54
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    good luck!

  • ThatOneSTALKERboi
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    my family doesn't know about this account :v just count me as a member I can't risk more

  • IlikeUssr
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    Am I here xd? And here I made not bad custom terrain id:2579280

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    Your form has "Discord username" as an input field, can you please remove that? I don't want any external discord organizations, groups must be done inside TPT itself.
    (See rule S5)