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    Ever feel like TPT would be great for small (or large) simulated forging operations? Are IRON, GOLD, and TTAN feeling a bit old and drab? Have you ever felt the need to blast metals with unfathomable amounts of heat only to see what it does, or who it hurts? Then Seppo's Metallurgy Mod is the mod for you! This mods goal is to (eventually) realistically simulate the process of metallurgy and entertain those who download it.


    Current Version: 1.1




    Windows Version 1.1




    • 25+ New Elements and Alloys! (Including, but not limited to: Aluminum, Lead, Nickel, Magnesium, Polybdenum, Tin, Copper, Steel, and Charcoal).
    • 3 New Combustion Fuels (Kerosene, Gasoline, and Ethanol).
    • The ability to make alloys in game by mixing two or more molten metals. At this moment there are alloys for most of the metals, and there are a few new ways to create and play with heat, combustion, and metallurgy.
    • The burn temperature of FIRE and COAL have both been amped up for a bit of realism (Coal can burn at nearly 2000C under the right conditions).
    • The melting point of new metals are more or less similar to what they are in real life (Copper's melting point would be around 1080C for example). That said, there are a few "real" alloys involved and they also have "real life" melting temperatures.
    • A few alloys are made up but are mostly to contribute to both the feel and nature of the mod. I have tried to make them similar (in most cases) to alloys like them in the real world.
    • Water electrolysis by way of more than just IRON (almost any Copper-based alloy should do the trick), and a few of the metals and alloys can corrode.
    • Alloys have different properties (in some cases) than even the metals that make them. There are more than 10 different alloys currently.




    • SPRK will eventually travel at different speeds in different metals and alloys (to allow for some cool electrical circuits in the future).
    • More alloys will be added and there will be more diversity between them.
    • I'll maybe make a UI distinguishment between Metals and Alloys to make it a little more intuitive.
    • I intend to eventually work on using MERC and a few other alloys/metals for alloys that have very low melting points to use for use cool heat radiation experiments (for engines, machines, etc).




    • Coal is very useful for melting anything up to Iron (Copper, Aluminum, Tin, Lead, and their respective alloys), but after that a different type of fuel should be used (I personally recommend some sort of plasma arc furnace system).
    • When melting the metals it's important to consider the relative melting temperatures of other metals/elements, that is if you plan on working your way up (walls and diamonds are still unmeltable so they work too). I will eventually post the melting temperatures of the metals so as to make this simpler.
    • A good crucible is one that will not melt within more than 1000C of the element you plan on melting. That said, when trying to build metals from metals it isn't always that way, so some form of effective heat control may be more necessary before you move on to better materials.




    • While the current system of alloying metals is not super efficient, it does still work but seems to produce a large quantity of unusable metal in the process (bug most likely?). That said, I will display the melting temperatures of the various metals in the mod to help clear up some confusion as to how to accurately do stuff in the mod.


    Copper COPR - 1085.15C

    Iron IRON - 1687C (a little higher than real life, I will eventually fix this)

    Steel STEL - 2500C

    Cobalt COBA - 2723C

    Aluminum ALUM - 1221.15C

    Chromium CROM - 3645C

    Magnesium MAGN - 623C

    Nickel NICK - 1455C

    Lead LEAD - 621.5C

    Tin TIN - 450C

    Titanium TTAN - 1941C


    • That isn't a complete list of the metals, but a list of the metals that currently have the most alloys. The idea I guess is to melt two of them together, and cool the mixture down to the point where the metals that have not alloyed are still molten, and the alloyed metals are solid. At this point you can use newtonian gravity (PGRAV) to pull the molten rubbish out and mostly purify your new alloy.




    • Alloy ratios are completely wrong (you don't get a lot of bang for your buck so to speak), but they do work. You'll find that a lot of alloys have slightly higher melting points than their component metals, so cooling your mixture slightly and using Positive Gravity, you can 'filter' out your alloy.
    • WOOD is supposed to eventually become CHRC once it is 'baked', but that never happens, the WOOD just ignites and rapidly burns away.




    View/Download Source Code


    Anyway, I'd like to thank you for taking the time to check out my mod! It's my first one for TPT and I hope that you guys like it!


    - Seppo

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    Here is a guide for using GitHub:
    Proper setup would involve recreating the git repo by forking it, copy pasting src/ over your own repo, then uploading that.

    Also, I heard you posted a debug build. Make sure to compile it in static mode. The visual studio compile guide should say how to do this (you need to change a dropdown near the top from Debug to Static). Change it back to debug for development, Static is just for making the release build.
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    @INFINITY-BOI (View Post)


    It's fixed man, my apologies for that.




    I went through and fixed that (please disregard any attempted commit from me on git for the actual game's files, I misunderstood the directions, but I figured out what I did wrong and its good on my end now). Thanks for the help. I really appreciate it!

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    i cant find an exe file in it how do i start it up

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    It should be there, you'll have to open the zip file and extract it. From there you should have the exe file.

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    What will the new acids be used for? Right now they all are clones of the vanilla acid element.

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    hey seppo make that copper won't corrode from water

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    @Michael238 (View Post)

     I plan on making them more corrosive at some point, right now they are just placeholders.


    @IlikeUssr (View Post)

     Yeah when I update it I'll fix that.


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    How to use it

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