[MOBILE] Update TPT to match 94.1

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    With that being said, mobile has never gotten an update ever since Version 94.0.

    I am a mobile user and am seeking a way to upgrade to that version equivalent to mobile.

    Possible version: 1.7.1

    My main reason I am typing this is that whenever I use TPTMulti, it will not work because you need version 94.1 which is what PC users have, but not mobile users because I found that we are a version behind the PC users.

    If you can find a way around this, update this, or any other solution, please comment down below!


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    This is unnecessary.

    Here is the changelog for 94.1: https://powdertoy.co.uk/Discussions/Thread/View.html?Thread=23230
    Nearly all of the changes are fixing issues in the PC version around updating to sdl2. The Android port still uses sdl1.2.
    The only relevant change is this:
    "Fix stasis wall not affecting GoL elements"
    I considered updating Android with this bug fix earlier this year, but decided it wasn't important enough.

    As for your tptmp problem, that is fine. You're not supposed to join tptmp on Android. Users that do it get banned from tptmp, because it doesn't sync properly with Android and may cause issues for other users.
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    @jacob1 Okay, thanks. :happyface:

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    late responce huh?

    n o i c e

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    @INFINITY-BOI (View Post)
    Please don't make useless forum posts. It doesn't matter if the thread OP posts months later.