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    V37.2 is out, this is just a formality to comply with the new starcatcher ToS for mod owners. Nothing was changed and/ or added.

    I might also take a few months break from TPT so new update will be released for a long time. However, this doesn't mean I am leaving forever.

    And yeah, I just published my LITH save I was working on, will help those who want to use LITH as a proper battery, go check it out.


    I will join the community again someday, until then take care and keep posting suggestions for the mod.

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    Why does it say that the new update has a virus?

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    Make EMGT work for plasma and energy particle, make the wave into a display, add like a counter for electromagnetic wave so you can balance thing up for a fusion reactors.

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    so then like a electromatic wave grid? like gravity grid? well that would be cool i agree but that would require using ANOTHER button and would make some old mods that use that for something else not work.

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    EWEL- wheel that generates energy from air

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    this is genuinely dope

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    To every user of this mod out there, there's something I would like to discuss.


    Recently @jacob1 came up with some new terms and services for mod owners who use his hosting service and as per those guidelines my mod has been removed from the server because of some term violation so it would be a bit inconvenient for new users who try to download the mod since the download links have been removed.


    I am not going to ask for anything from him since he's been kind of annoying to deal with since last few months. 

    I can assure there's nothing wrong with the mod and it hasn't done any damage to any user since I started working on it (fyi I have been working on it since early 2019), no complaints ever.


    Now that the mod service has been terminated I can either leave the modding community forever or set up my own version which would allow me to have greater control over updates.


    You guys tell me if I should continue with the mod. I can host the mod on GitHub and set up a way which you guys could use to download updates like you used to do until now.


    Anyway, this is seriously annoying that I have to deal with these restrictions although there wasn't anything specific that my mod did which could lead to terms violation.

    That's all I wanted to say.

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    I think I owe the users an explanation too for why the mod was removed. I already gave it to @Cracker1000 privately.

    But first I'll mention, the mod isn't banned. If you've already downloaded it it will still work (you just won't get in-game updates).

    Anyway it started back in June. I learned through Cracker1000 that there was a feature in the mod I was unaware of which could remotely lock the mod. The feature, if activated, looked like this. This locking feature was never activated, but when I learned it existed I asked him to remove it. I worried he may decide to discontinue the mod some day and activate it. He assured he there were no plans to activate it, but the existence of such a feature and his history made me not trust that.
    After that, and consulting with the other TPT Moderators, I decided to force him to remove it, by introducing a new terms of service, which you can read here. This was a combination of guidelines on how to use the service, and some previously unwritten rules about what you couldn't do. Section B5 was most important, it says features which interfere with the ability to use the mod are not allowed. After this, he removed the code in version 37.2.

    Our relationship deteriorated after that, I didn't enjoy any conversation we've had since June (too many microaggressions), eventually he left the TPT Discord server, and unfriended and stopped messaging me at the end of June.

    Yesterday, we released v2.0.23 of TPTMP. This was a required update due to a small protocol change. The server will tell out-of-date clients this:
    "protocol version mismatch; try updating TPTMP, or if it is built into your mod, install it from the Online tab in the Script Manager"
    We expected users of this mod, TPT-Ultimata, and my mod to be able to update using the server's advice. But then we got a report that tptmp wasn't working after the new update, it would only work once then break again. After investigation, we realized that Cracker1000's mod deletes the script manager version of TPT Multiplayer and Maticzpl's Notification script on startup. His mod has both of these scripts embedded. But deleting them interferes with users' ability to update TPTMP or to use them in vanilla TPT.
    We released a new version of TPTMP, v2.0.24, that blocks Cracker1000's mod from deleting either of these scripts, fixing the ability to update them. This allows users to switch between mods and vanilla TPT without worrying about these scripts being deleted.

    The script deletion code has been in his mod for a very long time, but until now it evaded me. I decided to remove his mod from my hosting service because of both incidents mentioned here.

    In the future, he may post his mod again on the forums. The rules of posting mods on the forums are similar to the rules for mod hosting on Starcatcher, so similar things are disallowed in both places. But I'd just like to say, from the TPT Mod team, please be wary of anything you download. The mod hosting service offers a few safety guarantees since the mod is built and compiled from GitHub. But it doesn't offer any kind of code review, which is how both of these things slipped by me. I consider them to be unacceptable, and I'm sorry they were able to be hosted on my server for so long. I consider the current release of the mod (37.2) to be safe, but I don't know what may be in any future versions, especially after I've angered him by removing it. Be cautious, and consider reviewing the code yourself here and here, and then if you find it acceptable, download the mod from GitHub Actions directly.
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    The mod removes the tptmp because there's already a much simpler and easier way to update it in my mod. You literally just have to click update mp button. My mod is meant to be used as a vanilla replacement, something it mentions in the very first line. Regarding the other script, me and maticzpl used to work on it together and decided that it will be embedded in this way..


    You could have given me a message to alter the check like you did before, and I removed the lock feature (which was meant to be used for users who couldn't download my mod from starcatcher because of the ban some countries have imposed on the starcatcher.)


    Anyway, good that the mod files have been removed. Who knows you could have tempered with them. Plus I didn't like the way starcatcher stores login sessions and launch checks on your server. You have misused the ip checks and were also found to be reading private messages on forums. Maybe it's for the betterment of users that they don't use the service.


    It's alerting that there are detailed terms and conditions for users and mod hosts but no mention of privacy policy...