2021-09-28 19:34:44
The U.S.A.
I create mostly bombs and reactors. I am also the leader of Vobaria. [a rp country.] FUN FACT - i started playing tpt in mid 2020 i think and in late mid 2020 i made my acc. Sadly enough most of my old reactors and builds have been lost due to the internet going out once causing my acc not to work on my tablet THEN i got pc tpt. After that i got better at tpt and i started playing a tpt rp which doesnt even have a name lol. But anyways after that i started climbing and climbing up and up through the tpt ranks once i hit a sorta high rank i would call "mostly known" i stopped doing as much tpt and dropped playing for a bit. Then i picked the game back up but became a little bit more relaxed in the amount of saves i uploaded.
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