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    What about a bomb that sucks in like SING and when not "fed" enough in some time explodes horribly? Just got into my mind and i decided to put that here. :)))


    From what I read and understood, the bomb would explode without it being fed singularity. I could of misinterpreted it. 

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    You definitely misinterpreted it. The suggestion was an element that sucks stuff in and needs to be fed. And if it's not fed enough, it explodes.

    Don't call people's suggestions "dumb" when you don't understand them.

    Anyway it could be somewhat interesting but sounds extremely similar to how SING already works anyway. So more clarity is needed on what the differences are.
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    Actually it can be implemented as MSTR or monster element, which can search for nearby elements and eat them, when nothings left to eat the monster increases it's temp and then explodes.
    I might do it but once i need to complete other things for the mod.
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    my antivirus program says that this is a virus!

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     Ok sometimes tpt gets detected as a virus but 99% of time it's a false alert.

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    Version 5.0 update released ,probably the biggest update till now.


    Added a blue theme to UI.

    New elements added (UVRD,THMM).

    Add more reactions to LITH, some major ones are mentioned below:

    *Proper support for fast charging.

    *Glows when fast charging.

    *Now reacts with water and some other elements.

    FPS capped at 80 (previously was at 60).

    Remove unnecessary update functions. Many bug fixes/element improvements.

    INSD is now DEMRON(a radioactive shielding fabric)

    Update the code to match latest master branch.

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    Version 6.0

    Added an in-game wiki for new elements, accessible by pressing J.

    Added different colour modes for LED element.(Use .tmp to change modes).

    Fix LITH battery not activating from a one pixel distance.

    Some changes to LSNS and DTEC.

    Add Reset tool.

    Make changes to support a new mode called night/dark mode in future.

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    I got a suggestion for a metal.


    Color: #848789

    Melting Temp: 660 Celsius
    Other Properties: Conductive.
    Description: Easily Meltable Metal, Conductive

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    Version 8.0 released!

    # Merge changes from snapshot 181.

    # Add new element "PINV", powered invisible (allows particle to move through when activated.)

    #  Add inverted Gravity mode.

    # Rewrite LITH (now colours change gradually and use Flood fill instead of Sim -> create)

    # performace improvements.

    # Updated the in - game wiki (accessible by pressing J.)

    # Improvements to SUN.

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    Version 9.0 out now.

    (one of the major updates!)

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