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  • big_dollar
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    it would be cool if you added iodine as a black powder that turns into a purple gas when its heated


    and you could add aluminum that when iodine touches it the iodine sets on fire and turns into iodine gas

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  • Yzaak1Scifire
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     Thanks my dude

  • roosterduck
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    for some reason SUN doesnt emit UV is this supposed to happen?

  • Cracker1000
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     Sorry, but I won't add a new element that just changes its state and does nothing else. Maybe you can suggest more properties?

    @roosterduck (View Post)

    Fixed in version 22.0


    Version 22.0 is out. This is a rather small update fixing some bugs. I will add the details in main post. Major addition is preview for the texter. Although it's stable but expect more polished texter in next version.




  • letsgameitout
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    hey add better protection from windows defender it keeps deleteing my crack 100 mod

  • Cracker1000
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    Version 24.0 is now released. This adds new features to the texter like improved max line detection, better preview and option for different font sizes as well.

    Other than that it introduces a new element, CEXP aka customisable explosive and a new wall Z-Hole (requested by @Yzaak1Scifire).


    Detailed changelog is available in the main post. Also, don't forger to check the updated mod page. I hope you like this update :)




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    It shows a preview of the Cyrillic but it doesn't work, you can use the standard TPT Cyrillic and not my font I dont care it was a suggestion.

  • JozeffTech
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    I think I found a bug. When I opened it and closed it and opened again it after update, it showed a message that a new update (25) is available. I updated it via the message again, and it spawned a copy of itself with _upd attached to its name. I repeated the cycle over and over again, I now have 7 similar copies of game.

    Message is shown only in last copy.

    P.S. Or is it an easter egg?

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  • jacob1
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    This means you had permission issues in the folder you extracted the mod to, so it couldn't delete the temporary files. You should delete all the files ending in _upd. It's not clear why the mod couldn't do that itself, but the updater works fine for me.
  • JozeffTech
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    It worked, thank you!