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Sky Sanctuary
I like science, especially chemistry, in which I like metals. My favourite metal is bismuth. I like TPT, because it's the best sandbox game I ever saw. I hope my saves will be interesting for you. I appear in online of TPT nearly every day, so feel free to contact me.
I like talking, but the style of my speech is kinda weird.
If I like you or your saves, or if you're a furry, I give you a PRRROMOTION.

I am the creator of Zone of desperation, the only quest of its kind in whole TPT, and of the Project Geneva, first and only furry comic strip in TPT.
If you want, you can make a fanart or something like it and send it to me.
If you made something that is beyond TPT, send me a PM.

This bio is huge, and it's updated frequently.

I play Anno 1404, Anno 2070, Sonic 1, 2, 3 and K, CD (Whitehead remake), Sonic Mania, Sonic Adventure DX, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Sonic Advance 1, 2 and 3 (GBA), Syberia I and II, Wallace and Gromit in Project Zoo, Sonic Robo Blast 2 (Sol Sestancia, Sonic Adventure Genisys, Pagoda Park), Sonic Time Twisted, Simcity 3000 Unlimited, Dune II (Genesis), Zero Tolerance (Genesis), Simpsons Hit and Run, Lost Vikings (Genesis), Dr. Robotnik Mean Bean Machine (Genesis), Michael Jackson's Moonwalker (Genesis), Mindustry (mobile), Minecraft v0.8.1 PE and v1.16.whatever PE, Star Fox and Star Fox 2 (SNES), Inherit the Earth, Zelda on CDi (remade) and TPT.

If you are DovahZoriik, hello!
Your profile pictures get cooler and cooler!

TPT mods and scripts I use (and therefore, recommend you to use them):

Cracker1000's mod
A wonderful modification of TPT. Has texter, built-in script manager and TPTMP. Can be customized.

mark2222's Subframe Chipmaker mod
If you make electronics, this mod is your best helper! Configuring CRAY and DRAY never was so easy before. Speeds up production. I use it to, obviously, design electronics.

My absolute favourite, closest and best friend is DJCREEPER.

Here are my favourite users:

Favourite YouTube channels:
Roger van der Wiede
Stuff dissected (his subchannel)
Sonic Paradox
Reputable dubbing pictures

There's a thing that bothers me. When in movies, or books, or whatever fictional universe, we encounter a scientist who works in genetic engineering, he is evil with no exceptions, and his creation is a horrible monster. Just, WHY? Why are people so scared of it? Why can't there be a scientist who made something amazing and good? Think about it.
Note: this doesn't work in Soviet sci-fi. And yes, I consider my quest Soviet sci-fi too.

I am a furry and I like furry culture.

All furries I encounter always get a PRRROMOTION.

I'm not afraid of any hate and I'm ready to defend myself and my furry friends as fiercely as required.
Whatever society says about them, it cannot change my opinion.

My favourite type of hybrids is vulpeomorphic, subtype F.
(For those who don't know this classification: vulpeo- means fox, -morph means shape, and letter F indicates that it's female. So, without this weird construction, it sounds like "a hybrid of human and vixen")

I find them much more attractive than ordinary women.
And yes, I'm a heterosexual man.

You may have noticed Vega, from my quest. She is a vulpeomorphic hybrid.

Sometimes I say "anthropomorphic vixen" instead of "vulpeomorphic hybrid". This may help to understand what I exactly mean.

Strangely, there are not many games, or comics, or cartoons starring anthropomorphic foxes. I remember 4: Star Fox, Inherit The Earth (counting as one with its webcomic), T.H.E. Fox and Ozy and Millie. That is kinda sad.

Oh, and now one more, mine.

Update: I found one more, Moi Renart
Update: found Hetty. She's so cute! I don't get why everyone hates her! Really, what had she done wrong?

If you know a good webcomic starring a fox, send me a PM with its name.

Don't suggest K&K, I'm not a fan of interspecific romance. ESPECIALLY when two species are incompatible. Seriously, who was the first to have an idea of romance between rabbits and foxes?

What do I look like when I see interspecific romance? Imagine Giygas from Earthbound having a heart attack and an epileptic seizure at the same time.

Here's an ASCII vulpeomorph:

( ~ ~ )
`--- )

Also, please, send me a PM if you encounter anything with plot similar to my quests.

I can't wait to see your fursona.
And the backstory, of course.

Ton ro thgir I saw, ees dna.
Etarucca syawla eb t'nac ti, wonk uoy

I really love International Moron Patrol. My favourite characters there are Meglif (she's the warmest and cutest), Roger (he's just very cool), Ginny (she's also warm and cute), Zody (he's very positive and bright) and Henrik (he's intelligent). My favourite episode is 32.

Antoine (Depardieu, not D'Coolette) and Sally are the most adequate characters of all Sonic continuities.

Okay, maybe Rotor is also adequate, too.
And Robotnik (from SatAM).

I can speak English and Russian.

My favourite groups and composers:

New Composers
The Future Sound of London
Aphex Twin
Dust NK, Dustin K, whatever
Depeche Mode
Global Communications
Tomas Dvorak
Knife for Frau Muller
Sven Vath (aka Plastikman)
Atrium Carceri
Dead Can Dance
Gustaf Hildebrand
Duran Duran
Crush 40 (few of their works, though)
The Jetzons (best work - "Hard Times", aka theme of IceCap from Sonic 3&K)
Guys who made music for Sonic 1,2,3&k and CD(JP)
Jean Michele Jarre
Frank Klepacki
Guys who made music for Syberia I (especially themes of Barrokstadt and Komkolzgrad)
Hinchy (music for Sonic Time Twisted)
Michael Jackson
Ivan Mladek ("Jozin z bazin")
Toby Fox

I recommend you to try them all!
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