Problem with Fullscreen mode

  • Greendragon
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    I have a problem with fullscreen mode. I have recently changed the resolution of my monitor and restored it back to the original settings. Now every time i want to play TPT on fullscreen i see not everything. I can not see the right side where the elements are.


    I have deleted powder.prev and installed it again but the problem still exists. Somebody have a solution for this?


    Btw sorry for my bad English.

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  • Cracker1000
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    Can you share which Resolution you are currently using and also which version of tpt? 

    I know there are issues with fullscreen in newer snapshots.

    Lastly try turing on resizable window option in simulation settings if you use snapshot 136 or above.

  • jacob2
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    What is your monitor resolution? When you enable fullscreen mode, TPT forces a resolution change anyway. It tries to calculate the best smallest resolution that can fit.

    I recommend you try the snapshots:
    They contain a new fullscreen method that doesn't resize the monitor. You may find it ugly though. If it is, you can click "Change Resolution" to enable the old fullscreen mode. And in fact, this may fix your issue. SDL2 might have fixed the resolution calculations.
  • Greendragon
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    Thank you very much for the solution! I have tried the snapshots and it works.